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Rapper Bun B Sues Former Employees For Alleged Fraud

Rapper Bun B Sues Former Employees For Alleged Fraud

Rapper Bun B Sues Former Employees For Alleged Fraud. Renowned rapper Bun B has filed a lawsuit against two of his former employees over an alleged fraud scheme. The employees are accused of taking advantage of Bun B’s position within his organization to embezzle funds and engage in deceptive practices. As the legal battle unfolds, Bun B seeks justice and restitution for the damages caused by this fraudulent behavior.

Rapper Bun B Files Lawsuit

Rapper Bun B Sues Former Employees For Alleged Fraud.

The lawsuit, filed in a Texas court, details the allegations against the former employees. Bernard Freeman is claiming that Patsy and Benson Vivares misappropriated funds.

It appears that the two siblings allegedly used $45,000 in earnings to support their restaurant, Sticky’s Chicken. As stated by Afrotech, these alleged earnings came from a 2022 Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

Trill Burger restaurant, owned by Bun B, has become trendy. Many customers in the area visit the flourishing restaurant often.

Bun B allegedly wants complete restitution for the fraudulent act. However, in response to Bun B’s claim, Vivare has denied the allegations. They have filed a countersuit against Nicholas Scurfield and Andy Nguyen.

Their claim is that Bun B himself attempted to fraud Trill Burgers. It sounds like neither party is going to resolve this issue quickly, especially since the lawsuit was filed in 2023. As we all know, our court systems are backed up.

So, there may not be a resolution anytime soon.

Trill Burger Is Bun B’s Houston Restaurant

According to Yahoo Finance, Bun B opened  Trill Burger in 2023. He wanted to create a place in his hometown that people would enjoy.

Since then, Bun B’s Trill Burger has enjoyed tremendous success with its signature smash burgers. That is why this lawsuit is very unfortunate. One of The Vivare’s attorneys wrote,

“Let it be known: Trill Burgers was not Bun B’s idea, nor was it the result of his sweat, equity, or ingenuity. Patsy and BJ are the true heroes.”

The attorney claims Patsy and BJ are the ‘true heroes.’ The attorney also claims that the brother and sister are still part-owners of Trill Burgers.

As the lawsuit progresses, Bun B and his legal team are focused on uncovering the full extent of the fraud scheme. In hopes of recovering their significant monetary losses.

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