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Uncle Luke Mulls Congressional Run Against Florida Incumbent

Uncle Luke Mulls Congressional Run Against Florida Incumbent

Uncle Luke Mull’s Congressional Run Against Florida Incumbent. Luther Campbell, also known as Uncle Luke, is considering a run for Congress in Florida’s upcoming congressional race. The former 2 Live Crew rapper is known for his controversial music and outspoken views, and his potential bid for political office has garnered significant attention and speculation.

Uncle Luke Considers Challenging Florida Incumbent In Congressional Race

Uncle Luke Mull’s Congressional Run Against Florida Incumbent.

Aa prominent figure in the Miami music scene Uncle Luke is contemplating a run for Congress against the incumbent in Florida’s upcoming congressional race.

He has been a vocal advocate for social justice and political reform. His candidacy has the potential to shake up the political landscape in the state.

With his background in music and activism, Uncle Luke could bring a fresh perspective to Congress.

Luther spoke about his aspirations in an interview with ‘The Bulwark,’ published on March 29, 2024. A formal decision to run for Congress may happen as early as April 26th.

Former 2 Live Crew Rapper Considering Entering The Congressional Race In Florida

Uncle Luke’s potential run for Congress has sparked interest and speculation among his fans and followers.

As a well-known figure in the music industry and a vocal advocate for social justice, Uncle Luke may have a chance. That is if he can muster up support from his constituents.

Uncle Luke apparently wants to make a difference in his home state.  According to Uncle Luke,

“I’m living my ideal. I have the opportunity to bring something back to the community…And I get to fight these motherfuckers.”

We are not sure why Uncle Luke used such profanity. However, he goes on to say, he was allegedly referring to Matt Gaetz and Donald Trump.

Although Uncle Luke did not go into specifics, we get the point. At any rate, Uncle Luke appears to be serious about entering the candidacy.

Gaetz addressed Uncle Luke by saying,

“The last time Uncle Luke ran for office he came in fourth in a mayoral race. He did lame radio ads for the even lamer Phil Levine for Governor campaign too. He says he wants to fight me but I’ve won all my elections. Uncle Luke has Rep. Cherfilus-McCormick in an undercard bout before he’s even a contender.”

Well, it sounds as though, Gaetz is allegedly suggesting Uncle Luke may not have a chance. If Uncle Luke does decide to run, it will be against Cherifilus-McCormick.

McCormick was first elected in 2022 and currently is still in the position. Only time will tell if Uncle Luke is successful in unseating McCormick.

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