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Busta Rhymes Reacts To A Woman Touching Him

Busta Rhymes Reacts To A Woman Touching Him

Did Busta Rhymes Throw Water At A Fan?

Busta Rhymes Reacts To A Woman Touching Him. Allegedly, a woman inappropriately touched the New York rapper.

According to IHeart, Busta responded by allegedly throwing water on her.

Nikita Mathis was later identified as the one who touched Busta. Of course, this is all alleged.

However, there is a video which may show what happened. Mathis claims, she was only trying to get a photo with Busta.

Nevertheless, Busta was allegedly offended. Otherwise, she would have had water allegedly thrown on her.

Trevor Smith Jr. aka Busta Rhyme was walking through a Las Vegas airport. And that is when the alleged incident occurred.

Some people are siding with Busta’s alleged response, as reported by Atlanta Black Star.

In fact, DJ Kameron Bennett mentioned on Twitter, “I don’t blame him.”

Perhaps, Bennett would have done the same thing. Another person suggested Busta should press charges.

Others chimed in, if it were the other way around,“she would press charges.”

They have a point, touching someone inappropriately is grounds for charges.

Therefore, Busta should pursue the matter further. That is, if Mathis, did meant to touch him inappropriately.

busta vs woman

Check out the video above for more details.

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