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A Stampede Ended GLOrilla’s Concert In NY

A Stampede Ended GLOrilla’s Concert In NY

A Stampede Ended GLOrilla’s Concert In NY. The concert ended with one person confirmed dead. There were others injured.

One Dead and Many Injured At Glorilla’s Concert

A Stampede Ended GLOrilla’s Concert In NY. Chaos erupted at Glorilla and Finesse2Tyme’s concert.

According to The Source, people at the concert rushed the exit. This occurred after alleged gun shots were heard.

Unfortunately, one person was killed. And, reports by USA Today mentioned the crowd surged toward the exits.

Here is what Rochester police said,

“The other two victims were listed in critical condition with life-threatening injuries as of Monday morning, said Lt. Nicholas Adams of the Rochester Police Department.”

As you can see, there are conflicting reports about the injuries. Police are expected to give a statement today.

We may have more details soon. Meanwhile, Glorilla tweeted she was “praying everybody is ok.”

It’s not the first time a concert ended this way. We all remember the stampede at Travis Scott’s concert.

Sadly, Astroworld concert (2021) ended with a lot of casualties.

In fact, 10 people died and hundred’s were injured, as reported by US Weekly.

Comparatively, Glorilla’s scattering of concert goers was less tragic. However, there are reports of one person dead.

At this time, we know six people were transported to nearby hospitals.

Also, the person who allegedly died is a 33-year-old woman. In addition, two people are in critical condition.

In case you were wondering, Glorilla and Finesse2Tyme’s performance was stopped midway.

As I mentioned earlier, people believed they heard gun shots. Concertgoers panicked then rushed towards the exits.

Unfortunately, Glorilla’ concert ended with one person dead. Again, we don’t know how the 33-year-old woman died.

Equally important, we really don’t know the actual cause of the melee. What we do know as people fled several were injured.

Hopefully, we will have more details after the police conference.

So far, only rapper Glorilla has commented. Finesse2Tyme’s has not issued any statement.

stampede at glorilla concert

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