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Halle Berry Is Head Of NASA In New Movie, ‘Moonfall’!!!!

Halle Berry Is Head Of NASA In New Movie, ‘Moonfall’!!!!

Halle Berry stars in a new science fiction movie, Moonfall. Will she save the world from impending disaster?

Will Halle Berry Save The World In ‘Moonfall’?

Halle Berry is back in a new movie, Moonfall.

The last time we saw Berry, she was in the movie, Bruised, which was her directorial debut.

However, this time around she put down her director’s hat and took on the role as the head of NASA.

Set in space, Berry’s character is a former astronaut and has to go back into space after Earth’s moon is knocked out of orbit.

Will she and her team carry out the mission in time to save the world?


  • Halle Berry as a Jocinda “Jo” Fowler – (former astronaut and current Deputy Director of NASA)
  • Patrick Wilson as Brian Harper – (a disgraced former astronaut)
  • John Bradley as KC Houseman – (a conspiracy theorist)
  • Michael Pena as Tom Lopez – (husband of Brenda Lopez)
  • Charlie Plummer as Sonny Harper – (Brian and Brenda’s estranged son)
  • Kelly Yu as Michelle – (foreign exchange student, nanny to Fowler’s son, James)
  • Donald Sutherland as Holdenfield – (former NASA official)

Released by Lionsgate, Moonfall is one of the most expensive independently produced films of all time.

Shot in Canada, the budget clocks in somewhere around $140 million dollars.

Click on the photo below to see the trailer.

halle berry moonfall

Though the initial reviews are mixed, there is already talk of sequels.

Along with Roland Emerich, this movie was written by Harold Kloser and Spencer Cohen.

Emerich also serves as Director and Producer.

Halle Berry’s sci-fi film, Moonfall is in theatres right now.

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