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Cassidy Takes on R Kelly Haters!

Cassidy Takes on R Kelly Haters!

Cassidy Takes on R Kelly Haters! Cassidy’s message of positivity and support for R Kelly has been well-received by fans of the R&B singer. Many people have taken to social media to express their appreciation for Cassidy’s stance on the matter. They have praised him for his courage and for standing up against the negativity surrounding R Kelly.

Cassidy Suggest We Focus On R Kelly’s Contribution To Music

Cassidy’s message reminds us to focus on Kelly’s positive societal contributions. We should not let negative media coverage overshadow their accomplishments.

Instead, we should celebrate their achievements and allow them to defend themselves against any allegations.

Cassidy’s message is to bring positivity and support those who have positively impacted society.

Cassidy Reminds Of R Kelly’s Musical Contributions

Cassidy’s support for R Kelly fans is a refreshing change in a world where negativity and sensationalism often dominate the media.

His positive message reminds us that we should focus on the good that people do and not dwell on the negative.

Cassidy’s stance on the matter is a testament to his courage and willingness to stand up for his beliefs.

We can all learn a valuable lesson from Cassidy’s message and bring positivity to our lives.

While we do not condone R Kelly’s alleged crimes against women. We must not forget his body of work.

In this case, it is hard for people to separate the two.

Check out this explosive interview with Cassidy.

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cassidy n r kelly

But as Cassidy points out, we should be a little more forgiving, as stated in Vibe.

Keep in mind Cassidy collaborated with R Kelly on a few songs.

Therefore, he does know a little about R Kelly’s music.

Another essential factor, Cassidy has decided to separate R Kelly’s actions from his music.

And that is not easy to do. Especially since R Kelly has been convicted of several sex crimes.

Nevertheless, we should allow Cassidy to have his own opinion. Whether we agree or disagree?

What say you?

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