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Ciara and Russell Wilson Make an Abrupt Exit

Ciara and Russell Wilson Make an Abrupt Exit

Ciara and Russell Wilson left a Super Bowl party immediately, reportedly because the singer’s ex, Future, was performing.

TMZ reports that the couple attended Drake’s concert at the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood on Saturday when they found out Future was Drake’s surprise guest.

Drake Brings out Future and the Wilson’s Leave

Future’s song “Fuck Up Some Commas” can be heard playing in the background of a clip of Ciara and Wilson leaving the party, and then later, he and Drake perform “Life is Good.” The outlet reports that a number of celebrities attended the party, including Lizzo, Teyana Taylor, Cardi B, and Offset.

A Hurried Yet Classy Exit

As of late, little has been reported about Future and Ciara’s relationship, but the fact that they left the event so quickly offers a lot of clues.

Future and Ciara have a son, Future Zahir, who is 7 years old. A messy breakup and custody battle, which played out on social media, ended their engagement in August 2014. After dating the Seattle Seahawks quarterback in early 2015, Ciara wed him the following year. Some are saying Ciara is still hurt, and worse, still in love. Mature adults understand that sometimes it’s best to protect your space and exit any place that becomes toxic.

Ciara Would Rather Not Deal with Her Ex

There are still unresolved issues between Ciara and Future, but there may still be a rift between the former couple based on her reaction. The rapper was not pleased when Ciara started dating and eventually married Wilson, with whom she shares two children, Sienna Princess Wilson, 4, and Win Harrison Wilson, 1.

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