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Meek Mill Reacts To AI-Generated Voice Of His Deceased Dad

Meek Mill Reacts To AI-Generated Voice Of His Deceased Dad

Meek Mill Reacts To AI-Generated Voice Of His Deceased Dad. It is common for rappers to pay homage to their roots. But nothing could have prepared Meek for this. His Dad’s voice was speaking from the grave.

Rapping From the Afterlife: Meek Mill’s Dad Spits Hot Rhymes!

Meek Mill Reacts To AI-Generated Voice Of His Deceased Dad.

Meek Mill’s father, Robert Parker, who passed away when the rapper was five, apparently had a passion for music.

And his talent for rhyming was quite impressive.

In a recent Instagram post, Meek shared a snippet of his dad’s rap, as stated by IHeart.

And fans were blown away by the skill and intensity of his bars.

In the clip, Meek’s dad can be heard spitting lines like, “I’m a soldier in this war, and I won’t back down” and “I’ll never let them see me sweat, I’m a king with a crown.”

According to XXL Mag, his lyricism and flow were ahead of their time.

Unfortunately, it’s a shame he couldn’t pursue his dream of being a rapper while still alive.

It’s the Leader in Hip Hop content on YouTube!Hip Hop News Uncensored.

Like Father, Like Sonn: Meek’s Dad Raps

Despite the bittersweet nature of the video, fans of Meek Mill and hip-hop, in general, have been quick to celebrate.

Some have even suggested that Meek sample his dad’s vocals.

Wouldn’t it be cool to hear Meek rap alongside his Dad’s AI?

I don’t think that has been done with any other rapper.

However, Natalie Cole did a rendition of “Unforgettable” with her Dad, Nat King Cole.

It was a video generated from one of King’s performances.

I am not sure if Meek is up for doing a video duo with his Dad.

Although, a duet with his late Dad would be revolutionary.

Nevertheless, Artificial Intelligence is making strides in preserving precious moments.

It’s also a reminder that music can transcend life and death.

The influence of loved ones can continue to inspire us long after they’re gone.

We can say this about many singers who have passed away.

For instance, we still listen to Luther Vandross, King Von, Whitney Houston, and countless deceased singers/rappers.

While Meek’s Dad may never rap on earth again, Clearly, the same passion he had for music has been passed on to Meek.

Meek Mill’s dad may have left this earth too soon, but his legacy lives on through his son’s music.

Rest in power, Meek’s dad – you’ve left a mark on the rap game that will never be forgotten.

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