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Tyrese Slams VladTV Host On Instagram

Tyrese Slams VladTV Host On Instagram

Tyrese Slams VladTV Host On Instagram. Actor Tyrese Gibson allegedly called DJ Vlad of VladTV a “Culture Vulture.” He called out the host for disrespect and for pushing a negative narrative about Blacks.

Tyrese Calls Out VladTV Host for Disrespect

Tyrese Slams VladTV Host On Instagram.

We have been reporting on Vlad TV for a few years.

And what seems to be true is Vladimir’s constantly being accused of being a “Culture Vulture.”

Vlad has been accused of allegedly exploring rappers’ lifestyles.

Which in return brings heat from The Feds.

In other words, some believe Vlad has an agenda to allegedly ruin the lives of young rappers.

All while promoting a negative narrative about Blacks in general, allegedly.

Tyrese’s IG was discussed during the hosts of Hip Hop News Uncensored (O’God and SamAnt) commentary.

Both O’God and SamAnt allegedly agree with Tyrese’s comments on Vlad.

In his rant, Tyrese alleges that Vlad offered him much money to come on the show, as stated by Boxden.

However, Tyrese declined, mainly because Vlad does not talk about him in a positive light.

Therefore, Tyrese refuses to interview the podcaster.

Check out the video below for more details.

tyrese vs vlad tv

Hip Hop News Uncensored. It’s the Leader in Hip Hop content on YouTube.

Did Vlad Leak A Conversation With Actor Tyrese Gibson?

It looks as though Tyrese blasting Vlad stems from an alleged leaked conversation.

Although, the details of the conversation are sketchy.

Tyrese took to Instagram Live to express his frustration.

He accused Vlad of being only interested in furthering his own agenda.

As I mentioned earlier, it relates to the alleged exploitation of Blacks.

In this conversation, Tyrese allegedly said,

“You get to exploit our pain, trauma, and tragedies and turn it into content.” “And you don’t give back to any of the communities you profit from.”

Again, it is unclear if this conversation took place.

Far as we know, it is possible the two had a heated exchange.

While some argue that interviewers have a responsibility to ask tough questions.

Others think podcaster take their questions too far.

There is a fine line between holding someone accountable and disrespecting them.

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