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Tory Lanez VS August Alsina

Tory Lanez VS August Alsina

Tory Lanez VS August Alsina. Singer August Alsina alleges that Tory Lanez attacked him. Lets get into the backstory.

August Alsina & Tory Lanez Altercation

Tory Lanez VS August Alsina. The two artists apparently had a run in last night. As a result, August took to Instagram to share a lengthy post. Allegedly, Lanez and a crew of countless men approached him and exchanged words before pressing him.

According to August, Tory wanted to know why he refused to shake his hand. Next, Alsina let him know he didn’t appreciate Lanez’ shady comments about him telling the world what happened between him and Jada Pinkett-Smith.

Well, the Louisiana singer claims that at some point Tory snuck him with a blow to the face. Also, he’s adamant about being attacked, versus the two actually fighting.

Additionally, Alsina claims the Canadian singer took a hit from a blunt before turning all the way up. Seemingly, he’s accusing Tory Lanez of smoking more than marijuana.

Of course, Lanez denies these claims. Apparently, the only place he’s been is the studio. Furthermore, Alsina alleges that Tory and his crew hold claim to all the footage. So far, no footage has been released.

Without a doubt, August Alsina’s lip is busted up—clearly someone’s responsible. The real coincidence is, all this uproar is taking place on Jada’s birthday.

This is a developing story.

Tory Lanez VS August Alsina

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