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Kanye Threatens to Beat Up Kim Kardashians New Beaux, Pete Davidson

Kanye Threatens to Beat Up Kim Kardashians New Beaux, Pete Davidson

Just days after allegedly punching a fan, Kanye West has threatened to “beat” his ex-wife Kim Kardashian’s new boyfriend, Pete Davidson.

The billionaire rapper said in a leaked clip for a new song, “God saved me from that crash/ just so I can beat Pete Davidson’s ass.”

The song is a collaboration with The Game called “My Life Was Never Easy”, and is scheduled to be released in full on Friday.

Kanye Aligns Near-Death Experience with Losing His Wife Kim Kardashian

West’s scathing bar references his near-fatal car accident in 2002. You may remember his song “Through the Wire” in which he is literally rapping through a jaw that is wired shut in recovery from the car crash.

Too bad he chose Kim instead of the late Mr. Rainey’s daughter who he promised he would marry in another song, also mentioning the fateful crash, called “Never Let Me Down”.

In 2014, nearly a decade after the tragic incident, he married Kim Kardashian, 41. After nearly 7 years and four children, she filed for divorce in February 2021.

Kim has Moved On

The “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” alum began dating Davidson in October, while West also spent time with other women.

The “College Dropout” rapper briefly dated models Irina Shayk and Vinetria, but he’s most recently been seen on multiple dates with “Uncut Gems” star Julia Fox.

West addressed his true feelings about his ex-wife dating the “Saturday Night Live” star for the first time in a new diss track, calling Davidson out by his first name.

It is Rumored That West Has Not Moved on But is Only Seeking To Make Kim Jealous

Nevertheless, sources reported that West was dating Fox, 31, “to get under Kim’s skin.” West and Fox are both parents exiting from marriages and have been friends for years, so it is hard to substantiate those claims.

“It’s a desperate play for attention. According to one source, there is no other explanation for why he chooses to go public with [Fox].

According to a second source, West is in pain after Kardashian broke up with Davidson.

West Begs Kardashian To Come Back To Him and Threatens To Beat Up Her New Beaux

Also in December, West asked the Skims founder to “run back to” him even as he went on dates with others. Most media outlets convey the story of a clear runner and clear chaser: Kim the runner, Kanye the chaser.

Kim Kardashian isn’t bothered by her estranged husband’s attempt to make her jealous, sources say. She seems to have her hands full with what her family is going through with the men in their lives. Between going through a divorce and her sisters’ empires being boycotted due to headline after horrible headline, she may not even have time to notice West’s shenanigans.

Recent Headlines Involving West Are Not Good For His Legal Situation

The reality star has “fully moved on” from her marriage and is “feeling completely free” now that she’s in a new relationship.

This week, Kardashian looked very happy on a date with Davidson, which consisted of eating pizza and getting ice cream at a drugstore. Appearing like a real salt of the earth type pairing with the Staten Island native.

West, however, may face charges after an alleged battery incident. In a video, he can be seen yelling at a female staffer as his alleged victim lies on the ground. Unfortunately, all of this can be used to say that West is unstable and unsafe to be near Kim and his kids. Which would send any family man over the edge.

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