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Mack 10 and Ice Cube 20 Year Beef

Mack 10 and Ice Cube 20 Year Beef

Mack 10 and Ice Cube 20 Year Beef. Mack 10 seems to think his beef with Ice Cube won’t let up. They haven’t talked in roughly twenty years.

Mack 10 Talks Beef With Ice Cube

Mack 10 and Ice Cube 20 Year Beef. According to the Los Angeles rapper, he and Cube won’t squash their beef.

At one point, Westside Connection set the charts ablaze with hits like Bow Down. Also, they were seen guest starring in film and tv together. Allegedly the trio attempted to reunite circa 2004 to no avail. Unsurprisingly, they’re rumored to have experienced fights and disagreements.

Namely, over Cubes brother in law mismanaging the money. Of course, playing around with peoples money is a major personal offense.

It’s important to note, back in 2010 Mack detailed the ‘Westside disconnection’ saying:

“We had an argument and I guess it was taken the wrong way because his wife was present,” he continued, “If she wasn’t there, we would probably still be doing records. His brother-in-law was disrespectful in a certain way.”

Fast forward to a recent interview with Bootleg Kev, 10 stands on his feelings.

“I fuck with who fuck with me, you dig? That’s where I’m at with it,” said Mack. If you fuck with me, I fuck with you. But if it’s fuck me, it’s fuck you.”

Additionally, he confirmed the two haven’t spoken to each other in nearly twenty years. Unfortunately, the fans shouldn’t expect it.

However, 10 seemed to be open to a Westside Connection reunion just a few short years ago when asked. He said this on the Murder Master Music Show:

“That’s the question of the year bro!” he answered. “I don’t know man! I’m down, I’m sure Dub is down. “That’s the question of the year bro! Somebody probably gotta ask Cube what it is gonna take because I really don’t know.”

Regarding Cube, he seems to be going along just fine. His latest group Mount Westmore continue to heat things up and cater to the same respective audience.

Would you like to see Westside Connection together again?

Mack 10 Ice Cube Beef

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