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Meek Signs With WME

Meek Signs With WME

Meek Signs With Talent WME Agency. This is a huge deal for the Philly rapper. Especially since it is designed to support Meek’s artists.

The Venture With WME Is Monumental For Meek

Meek Signs With Talent WME Agency. Partnering with William Morris Endeavor is a hybrid structure. In other words, it helps Meek to expand his business acumen, as reported by Complex.

Also, the partnership provides resources for Meek’s artists, athletes, and entertainers. There are not many partnerships of this nature. Here is what Meek said,

“The partnership between WME and Culture Currency is a strategic hybrid structure that will bring resources and opportunities to entertainers,” Meek said in a statement. “I have grown and learned the business in an unorthodox way that is effective through relationships built on talent and creativity. As an entertainer, I see us as part of the first generation that truly has influence and connections spread throughout social justice, music, sports, the movie industry, politics, business and the tech world. Taking advantage of this opportunity will allow us to give others the same chance to catch their dreams. Thank you WME for opening the door to build this bridge.”

William Morris Agency had such a global reach. It makes sense for Meek to work alongside them. Not to mention, WME president Ari Greenburg mentioned,

“Meek Mill is one of the most influential voices shaping our culture today, whether it be in art, business, or social justice, and his network is equally impactful,” WME president Ari Greenburg said. “This partnership will provide an important pipeline for WME to support future cultural influencers and to provide Meek with another platform to continue building his business.”

Meek has come a long way from his former situation. At one point, Meek’s career came to a halt. Now, it appears Meek has turned things around. Therefore, parting ways with RocNation has paid off.

Now, Meek can focus on other ventures. I can remember how frustrated about his music deal. But Meek did not falter. Instead, he looked for the best option. So, we will be watching how this partnership evolves.

Hopefully, other hip-hop artists will benefit from his decision. Perhaps Meek will help up-and-coming artists from his hometown. Needless to say, there is a lot of talent in the Tri-State area.

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