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Snoop Dogg & Master P File Lawsuit Against Walmart & Post Foods

Snoop Dogg & Master P File Lawsuit Against Walmart & Post Foods

Snoop Dogg & Master P File Lawsuit Against Walmart & Post Foods. In a shocking turn of events, music icons Snoop Dogg and Master P have recently filed a lawsuit against retail giant Walmart and food manufacturer Post Foods. The lawsuit alleges deceptive practices by the two companies, bringing to light a severe concern for consumer rights. This legal battle has caught the attention of fans and industry professionals alike, highlighting the importance of transparency and accountability in the marketplace.

Snoop Dogg & Master P Sue Walmart & Post Foods: Deceptive Practices Exposed

Snoop Dogg & Master P File Lawsuit Against Walmart & Post Foods.

Calvin’Snoop Dogg’ Broadus and Percy’Master P’ Miller, both well-known figures in the music industry, have teamed up to take legal action against Walmart and Post Foods.

The lawsuit filed by the duo alleges that these two corporate giants have engaged in deceptive practices, misleading consumers and violating their rights. This unexpected collaboration between the musicians reflects their determination to fight against injustices and protect consumer interests.

The lawsuit centers around Walmart and Post Consumer Foods’ marketing and labeling practices.

“In a complaint obtained by Page Six, the rappers, who started Broadus Foods in 2022 to create opportunities for minority-owned food products, claim Post Foods — which is home to several cereal brands like Pebbles, Raisin Bran and Honeycomb — agreed to help them get the cereal on retail floors after initially offering to outright buy their cereal brand.”

Instead, ‘Snoop Cereal ‘ was allegedly left in the back of Walmart stockrooms. Also, consumers were reportedly told the cereal had sold out. It was never put on shelves next to other Post Cereals.

Furthermore, the duo contends that these practices did not allow consumers to buy their products. For this reason, Snoop and Master P did not profit well on their cereal.

After careful investigation, it was uncovered customers were complaining. Whenever they wanted to buy Snoop Cereal, it was not in Walmart.

Also, Walmart online stores alleged the cereal was sold out of stock. Rappers Snoop and Master P alleged Walmart and Post Foods worked together to “ensure that none of the boxes of Snoop Cereal would ever appear on the store shelves.”

For this reason, Broadus Foods seeks damages for $50K. Even more compelling,

“However, the rappers argue that Post did not honor their original agreement, citing the manufacturer “pretended to be on board” with the duo’s goals and did not treat the cereal like “one of its own brands.”

“…Post entered a false arrangement where they could choke Broadus Foods out of the market, thereby preventing Snoop Cereal from being sold or produced by any competitor,”

According to NPR, Walmart and Post Consumer Brands responded by saying,

In a statement to NPR, Walmart says it values its relationships with its suppliers and has a “strong history of supporting entrepreneurs,” adding that “many factors” affect the sales of any given product, citing consumer demand, seasonality, and price.The retailer said it would “respond as appropriate with the Court once we are served with the complaint.”

Post Consumer Brands pointed to a lack of interest from consumers in the cereal in a statement to NPR. “Post Consumer Brands was excited to partner with Broadus Foods and we made substantial investments in the business,” the company said. “We were equally disappointed that consumer demand did not meet expectations.”

As you can see, Snoop and Master P intend to see the matter resolved in court.

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