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Jadakiss Calls Out Record Labels

Jadakiss Calls Out Record Labels

Jadakiss Calls Out Record Labels. Jada thinks labels are responsible for violent lyrics. Let’s get into the details.

Jadakiss Addresses Record Labels

Jadakiss Calls Out Record Labels. According to the Yonkers rapper, labels are to blame for their artists violence.

He believes labels legitimately pay rappers to self destruct. Recently, he sat with I Am Athlete podcast and shared his perspective.

Specifically, Kiss’ feelings are geared towards drill music. He explained:

“Record labels are being successful of nonsense,” Kiss began. “Somebody went out, did something stupid, recorded a song about it and was able to get a lot of streams, and that became a thing with the whole drill scene. They actually going out, gettin’ active and doin’ stuff and then go into the studio and make a song about what they just did. That should get nipped in the bud as soon as it got created.”

He continues:

“But nobody’s going to these labels saying they wrong for this,” Kiss continued. “We just blaming it on the kids. So, like my brother said, he don’t like to just put all the blame on these young artists because the radio stations are making them the top songs of the playlist. And the labels are still signing them.”

Reasonably so, Kiss firmly says artists are deliberately engaging in reckless acts just to rap about it. Seemingly, their only concern is streams and going viral.

Thus, artists unknowingly criminalizing themselves. Clearly, they see it as using life to inspire art. And everything gets misdirected from there.

Lastly, Jada sheds light on the business behind labels having insurance policies on their artists.

“They even got it — they puttin’ out life insurance on these young kids now. Others were surprised at the revelation, but it’s been common for some time. The labels. ‘Cause they gamblin’ on you to do something dumb, so they can profit after you die. So, this is getting ridiculous.”

Without a doubt, many people point out the influx in slain rappers and the fact that labels profit afterwards.

Well, other artists like Remy Ma don’t understand why the hip-hop sub genre gains so much attention. In fact, Rem thinks drill is overrated.

Certainly, Jadakiss makes valid points. Do you agree with his statements?

Jadakiss Calls Out Labels

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