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Michael Jordan Jersey Fetches $10.1 Million

Michael Jordan Jersey Fetches $10.1 Million

Michael Jordan jersey fetches $10.1 million dollars at a recent auction. Does this seal his title as the undeniable GOAT of basketball?

Michael Jordan Jersey Set Record At Auction

The worn jersey of 59-year-old basketball legend Michael Jordan just set a record at an auction.

Spending the bulk of his career with the Chicago Bulls, it was Mike’s last game in a series with Utah Jazz.

After winning the sixth NBA finals game by putting the Bulls up 87-86 with just 5.2 seconds left in the game, the basketball great secured his final NBA title.

Jordan’s jersey, which he wore in that game, sold for an astounding R10.1 million dollars, the most for any previous sporting memorabilia worn during play.

Auction house Sotheby’s says the piece attracted a total of 20 bids.

Their head of streetwear and modern collectibles, Brahm Wachter said this –

“Today’s record-breaking result… solidifies Michael Jordan as the undisputed G.O.A.T, proving his name and incomparable legacy is just as relevant as it was nearly 25 years ago.”

Before this historic sale, the previous record holder was $9.28 million.

That time the collectible was a shirt worn by football star Diego Maradona at the World Cup in 1986.

The sale also gave the winning bidder a June 1998 Sports Illustrated magazine, which features Jordan on the cover.

michael jordan jersey and magazine at auction

When the superstar abruptly retired in 1993, he had won seven scoring titles.

Additionally, he had led the Bulls to three championships in a row.

Go, Michael Jeffrey Jordan!

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