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50 Cent Wants Ice Cube To Bring Big3 Basketball To Louisiana

50 Cent Wants Ice Cube To Bring Big3 Basketball To Louisiana

50 Cent Wants Ice Cube To Bring Big3 Basketball To Louisiana. Rapper and entrepreneur 50 Cent, known for his hit songs and successful business ventures, is now setting his sights on expanding the Big3 basketball league to the southern state of Louisiana. With his keen eye for investment opportunities, 50 Cent sees immense potential in the state’s untapped market of basketball fans. This move showcases his business acumen and his passion for the game, as he aims to bring high-quality basketball entertainment to the fans in Louisiana.

50 Cent Sets Sights on Big3 Basketball Expansion in Louisiana

50 Cent Wants Ice Cube To Bring Big3 Basketball To Louisiana.

He was impressed when Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson recently went to a Big Three game. For this reason, Fifty approached the legendary rapper and owner Ice Cube to bring the basketball league to Shreveport, LA.

His interest in expanding the popular Big3 basketball league to the vibrant state of Louisiana could be a win-win. Especially since Fifty and O’Shea’ Ice Cube’ Jackson are both real estate businesspeople.

Therefore, this is an excellent opportunity to bring a unique basketball league to Louisiana. Also, both rappers could revitalize Shreveport, which once had a flourishing city for sports.

With his entrepreneurial mindset, 50 Cent recognizes the immense potential in bringing the fast-paced and exciting Big3 games to the enthusiastic basketball fans of Louisiana.

This move would provide a thrilling sports experience for the locals and the league’s way for new opportunities in the entertainment and business industries.

The Big3 Basketball League, co-founded by rapper and actor Ice Cube, has gained significant popularity since its inception in 2017.

So, it makes perfect sense to expand the league to other US cities, as Hip Hop DX stated. In addition, the 12 clubs in the Big3 consist of former NBA players, as noted by Hot 97.

And, we hope that Ice Cube takes Cent’sup on his offer since the league will bring more popularity to Shreveport.

The league features 3-on-3 half-court basketball games played by former NBA players, attracting a wide range of fans who appreciate the intense and skillful gameplay.

With his involvement, 50 Cent aims to expand the league’s reach and tap into Louisiana’s passionate basketball culture.

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