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Kansas City Chiefs Win Super Bowl LVII

Kansas City Chiefs Win Super Bowl LVII

Kansas City Chiefs Win Super Bowl LVII. It was Coach Andy Reid’s ‘Corn Dog’ play. And, the rest is history.

Mahomes & Reid Won It All For Kansas City

Kansas City Chiefs Win Super Bowl LVII. This Super Bowl game was worth watching. It was the best game I have seen thus far. I was sure the Eagles could pull it off.

But, in the end, Kansas won 38-35. There are so many great highlights. Let’s get into it. First, Philadelphia was leading. QB Jalen Hurts passing game was on point.

Hurts was then able to run for at least 70 yards. Equally important, The Eagles played great football. Secondly, having two Black QBs was history in the making.

At the same time, we witnessed some great plays by both teams. As a matter of fact, Patrick Mahomes was named MVP. 

Glendale, Arizona was lit. Fans from all over the world came to see football.  We were not disappointed. Not to mention, both teams were in it to win. However, it was Kansas that emerged as the winner.

The last time the Chiefs came to the Super Bowl LV Tampa bet them (31-9). This time Mahomes pulled it off. According to ESPN, Mahomes is the 13th QB in NFL history to win multiple Super Bowl championships.

In fact, the Chiefs won Super Bowl LIV.  The San Francisco 49ers met up with the Chiefs in that Super Bowl game.

Having said this, Coach Andy Reid led his team to victory. Certainly, there is so much more we can say. Amazingly, Mahomes played well even after re-injuring his ankle.

While the Eagles played well in the first half of the game. When it came to the 3rd quarter they lost the lead. Granted, it was a tie game in the 4th quarter (35-35).

In reality, we all knew the Chiefs were the victors. Overall, it was one of the best Super Bowls ever. Congratulations Kansas City Chiefs.

Ironically, Coach Reid played against his former team. Now, that is different. By the way, I do believe the refs made a bad call against the Eagles.

kansas wins super bowl

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