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Gunna Is Denied Bond And Gets A Trial Date

Gunna Is Denied Bond And Gets A Trial Date

Gunna Is Denied Bond And Gets A Trial Date. As previously reported, YSL rapper Gunna is facing some hefty charges. Today, he received a trial date.

Gunnas Bond Denied

Gunna Is Denied Bond And Gets A Trial Date. Earlier today, reporter Jewel Wicker reported Gunna was denied bond.

Unfortunately, he’s accused of ensuring gang members commit violent crimes according to Billboard.

Prosecutors claim YSL is a hybrid gang.

Also, alleging that they’re responsible for countless amounts of violence.

Importantly, Gunnas’ attorney requested a bond but quickly received a denial.

A Fulton County judge accuses Gunna of being the leader leading his troops to destruct.

Jewel Wicker explained in a Tweet:

“I was just in court where a judge denied bond for Gunna and set his trial date for Jan. 9, 2023. Prosecutors allege YSL is a gang, not just a record label. They also alleged Gunna serves in a “command” role. More to come for @billboard.”

Additionally, Jewel stated:

“The judge said his biggest concern was witness tampering.”

RICO Counts And Trial

Furthermore, Gunna officially received a hearing date. Sadly, the hearing won’t being until next year January 9, 2023.

Also, his legal team can request another bond later on.

More from Jewel Wicker:

“Prosecutors said Gunna is a “documented” gang member and that he and Williams “direct their troops” to commit violent acts. The judge said his biggest concern was witness tampering. Gunna’s attorney can file a renewed motion for bond at a later date.”

Well, Gunna and fellow YSL member Young Thug are just two of the 28 people named in the RICO indictment.

Without a doubt, it’s getting ugly for these young men. Of course, many people stand with them in solidarity.

Thuggers case is still pending. Stay tuned as the story continues to develop.

Gunna Trial

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