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Deion Sanders Toes Amputated After Surgery Complications!!!!

Deion Sanders Toes Amputated After Surgery Complications!!!!

Deion Sanders had 2 toes amputated after complications from foot surgery. Initially, doctors feared he would lose his leg.

Deion Sanders Has 2 Toes Amputated, Doctors Feared He Would Lose His Leg

Deion Sanders had foot surgery that resulted in the amputation of 2 of his toes.

In an emotional Instagram post, the NFL legend shared the news with his fans.

While previewing the next episode of his documentary, Coach Prime, he shares his personal journey.

Even a teaser of his mangled foot.

What really went down last fall with his health?

Well, now we have the answer.

deion sanders

For months fans watched as he needed a wheelchair or scooter to get around.

Not really knowing what he was really going through.

Initially, he had surgery to address a long-term foot injury.

Recovery After Surgery Did Not Go As Planned

However, recovery did not go as well as it should have.

Deion Sanders, the great football player, baseball player, and now head coach at Jackson State has revealed the devastating news.

Due to issues during surgery, he has lost his big toe as well as the one next to it.

In fact, doctors feared he would lose his leg.

Watch the video below.

Warning, this is very graphic.

Sanders promised to show it all in his documentary, and he remains true to his word. He posted –

“I have to warn ya This ain’t a pretty sight!”

“I may have lost a couple soldiers in the battle but I never lost my faith in God.”

While he endured a lot while he was in the hospital during his team’s historic season.

Still, he knew where his strength lay.

“… I am so thankful for GOD being there to help pull me through.”

Additionally, he went on to thank his fans for sticking by his side.

“I am so thankful for those who sent messages of faith and those who visited me during this troubling time.”

“This episode of Coach Prime is an emotional one and you all deserve to know what went down so that’s exactly what we are gon show you!”

“I love y’all and I’m eleated to be on my way back!”

You can watch Coach Prime on Barstool’s YouTube page.

Sanders promises there is more revelations to come.

Get well soon, Deion Sanders.

We are all rooting for you!

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