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Listen: Vory And Kanye On ‘Daylight’

Listen: Vory And Kanye On ‘Daylight’

Vory taps Kanye West on the single, Daylight. And the collaboration is a part of his upcoming album, which fans are eagerly waiting for.

Vory Single ‘Daylight’ Has Him Vibing With Kanye West

Vory (real name Tavoris Javon Hollis, Jr.) and Kanye team up for the single, Daylight.

Streaming now, Daylight comes courtesy of Dream Chasers Records/Universal Music Group.

Fans are eagerly awaiting the release of Vory’s upcoming album, Lost Souls.

However, to hold them over, the rapper/singer/songwriter has dropped two singles.

First, Do Not Disturb, which features Yung Bleu and NAV was dropped last month.

“Daylight”, the second of these singles has the 24-year-old rapper/singer/songwriter trading bars over an organ with Kanye.

Along with West, Ojivolta, 88-Keys, and Evan Mast serve as co-producers of the song.

Check Out The Lyrics To Daylight

Here are the lyrics to Daylight

[Verse 1: Vory & Kanye West]

I’m there for the kids, I’m tryin’ to live for them
And I’m tryin’ to change the script
Sometimes, it just can’t be did
I’m dead, lifeless, untold silence
And I blame it on the system
‘Cause it was never set up for us to win
Manager, you look like you need a manager
Someone that can handle ya

Someone of my caliber, Someone
that’s gon’ handle all your business, tryna balance ya

[Verse 2: Vory with Kanye West]

Empty, please don’t tempt me
They wanna end me with the same knife that they tried to hand me
I can’t pretend it’s “Don’t do forgetting”
But you’re still forgiven, oh, baby

[Verse 3: Vory]

But if I gotta sleep alone tonight
I swear that my choice won’t be right
I swear that my choice won’t be right
When I’m alone, I—
Too many options, too many problems
You wanna be my hero and try to solve them
But if I gotta sleep alone tonight
I promise you she just mine for the night
Who’s to say that the choice will be mine?
Who’s to say that my choice will be right?
And Who’s to say that my choice will be right?

[Verse 4: Kanye West]

On my side of mention out of fence, I got somethin’ in the rants
Had a song colder line, hold a line, golden mine, I’m a don
I’ve been holdin’ by design
I been made by design, in the night, in the summer
I know you’re a lover in design (Daylight)
God made me the don, God made me your own (Daylight, daylight)
Locked in, be your own nightmare (Daylight, daylight)
I’ve been made bein’ song (Daylight, daylight)
Got pain bein’ alone
Can’t pay for your love, I might (Daylight, daylight)
I feel your pain, pain, pain
Pain, pain, pain, pain

Listen To Vory And Kanye West On Daylight For Yourself Now

Vory’s Lost Souls album will be available on June 3rd.

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