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Allen Iverson To Open Philadelphia Restaurant!!!!!

Allen Iverson To Open Philadelphia Restaurant!!!!!

Allen Iverson To Open Philadelphia Restaurant!!!!! Former NBA star and Hall of Fame player Allen Iverson has plans to open up a restaurant in Philly.

Allen Iverson And His Restaurant Opening Plans!!!!!

According to, Allen Iverson, a former Sixer and one of Philadelphia’s most beloved athletes, wants to bring a restaurant to Philadelphia.

Firstly, he plans to test the appetite for such a venture in his native state of Virginia first.

Iverson, whose business ventures include a lifelong deal with Reebox, incorporates a version of the TGI Fridays Philly cheesesteak wrap on the menu.

This was one of his go to meals at the chain during his years as a Sixer.

In a new GQ profile, “The Answer” talks about how happy he is to not have to play basketball anymore, the man who helped him perfect his crossover, fashion, and his culinary plans.

He was quoted as saying,

I’m crawling before I walk. I’m starting in Virginia, then we gonna take it to Philadelphia because it’ll be big, obviously in Philadelphia, then D.C., then Charlotte.

Secondly, should the former hooper open a restaurant in Philly, history suggests he’s right about it being big.

During his time as a Sixer, Iverson’s devotion to the chain TGI Fridays was legendary and his presence often gave the place the feel of a club.

Iverson used to frequent the City Avenue Friday’s so often, it became one of the top locations in the country.

In a 2016 Complex interview, he was quoted as saying,

The employees were like family.

It will be good to see Allen Iverson move from cultural icon, NBA Hall of Famer, to restauranter!!!!!

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