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Actor Rockmon Dunbar Exposes Hollywood

Actor Rockmon Dunbar Exposes Hollywood

Actor Rockmon Dunbar Exposes Hollywood. And, he is not the first to do this. What does Dunbar know that we don’t?

The Former 911 Actor Said A Mouth Full

Actor Rockmon Dunbar Exposes Hollywood. Most of us remember Dunbar from “Soul Food.” This TV show was very popular in the ’90s. However, for more than 30 years we have seen his acting skills.

Dunbar starred in Prison Break, The Game, Sons of Anarchy, and 9-1-1. In a recent post on Instagram, he claims he, “Never sold my SOUL or a-hole.” And, people took notice of the post.

According to Urban Hollywood411, he also shared, “Hollywood ain’t for the weak.” In fact, social media is buzzing. Especially since there have been talks about the “Emasculation of Black Men.”

As it relates to roles in Hollywood. We have talked about this topic often on this platform. Some celebrities were interviewed on the podcast and gave their perspectives.

When talking about the subject of the Emasculation of Black Men views vary. In light of this, we see Dunbar is not in agreement.

In terms of doing whatever ever necessary to be famous. But some actors like Tyler Perry, Kevin Hart, and Martin Lawrence wore dresses. That is, they had no issue portraying a woman.

Of course, there are two sides to this debate.  An article in Style Magazine mentions,

“Black male actors has been in some cases forced into being casted to dress and lipstick and portray a woman or don’t work. This has been White Hollywood’s answer to put a stopping to mixed marriages and White male Hollywood how have always been the gay in the closet crowd executives calling the shots, green lighting projects and saying yes and no to projects, who have always run Hollywood.”

Keep in mind, that this is the writer’s opinion. Although, he does have a point. Not to mention, this issue is debatable. Nonetheless, Dunbar has reignited the debate.

Then there is the issue of the so-called “selling your soul” issue. Is it a myth or conspiracy theory? Do people make contracts for fame with the devil?

As I mentioned earlier, Dunbar claims he did neither (sell his soul nor a hole). Then again, there is the proverbial “acting couch.” Where allegedly, some actors are asked to do weird sexual things for roles.

Case in point, Harvey Weinstein’s alleged practices. Incidentally, caused Weinstein to go to prison.  Having said this, is there an agenda in Hollywood? Which intends to Emasculate Black Men or not?

If so, what can be done about it? Can actors who make these claims take a stand? Perhaps,  guidelines to ensure equality in acting roles. Either way, Dunbar certainly opened up a can of worms.

Wouldn’t you agree? By the way, happy 50th birthday to Rockmon Dunbar.

rockmon dunbar

Check out the video above for more details.

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