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Drake’s New Song Has Kim K Discussing Her Divorce

Drake’s New Song Has Kim K Discussing Her Divorce

Drake’s New Song Has Kim K Discussing Her Divorce. The Canadian rapper shared a preview of his new track.

“Rescue Me” Is A New Song By Drake

Drake’s New Song Has Kim K Discussing Her Divorce. While there is only a sample of Kim Kardashian. Her words are directed at Kanye West.

And the internet is buzzing, as stated by XXL Mag. Here is what Kim allegedly said to Kanye,

“I didn’t come this far, just to come this far and not be happy.”

First, I wondered why Drake wanted Kim on the track. Then I thought, will the video for “Rescue Me” have Kim and Kanye’s story?

In other words, is Drake planning to give an adaptation to the West marriage? I digress.

Secondly, Drake was a guest on an episode of Sound 42’s The Fry Yiy Show, as reported by Complex.

Do you think Drake released the clip of Kim’s voice on purpose? Especially since her divorce from Kanye was highly publicized.

Drake would get a lot of buzz by releasing the conversation. After all, Kim and Kanye were a hot topic.

Also, there is a possibility the beef between Drake and Kanye is not over.

Not long ago, Drake and Kanye were at odds. But I thought they had settled their differences.

Third, I genuinely believe Kanye may have an issue with Drake’s new track. We all know Kim and Kanye’s divorce was nasty.

Drake did not give a date for the “Rescue Me” release. Check out some of the lyrics,

“I need someone to be patient with me/Someone to get money, would not take it from me,” he raps. “Come and rescue me/Take me out the club, take me out the trap/Take me off the market, take me off the map/I’m tryna hit the group chat and tell ’em.”

What say you? Was Drake giving us more details? As I mentioned earlier. Perhaps, Drake will do a video about Kim and Kanye’s divorce.

Be that as it may, Drake does know how to get people talking. Wouldn’t you agree?

By the way, Kanye has allegedly remarried. Now, that is something Drake could rap about.

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