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Drink Champs Ink New Deal With WMG

Drink Champs Ink New Deal With WMG

Drink Champs Ink New Deal With WMG. Warner Music Group in house has secured the deal.This will be a joint venture.

Drink Champs Is Becoming A Cultural Staple

According to Vibe, Interval Presents  will have exclusive licensing rights. That is, the audio version of the podcast “Drink Champs” they own.

The award winning podcast hosted by DJ EFN and N.O.R.E. will partner with WMG. Drink Champs quickly became popular.

Especially since, guest such as icon  Patti LaBelle, B2K, and Alicia Keys were on.

Both DJ EFN and N.O.R.E. were impressed with WMG’s dedication to the culture.

That’s why they were excited about the partnership. Furthermore, the podcast will be able to reach more demographics.

By doing so, Drink Champs has the potential to break barriers. Also, WMG General Manager of IP mentions,

“Drink Champs has been at the forefront of cultural conversations for nearly a decade and has created some of the most iconic moments at the intersection of culture and music.”

In 2015, Drink Champs began this journey. Since then, there approach to telling stories about culture are quite revealing.

In other words, celebrities are able to reveal details of their life. For the most, part fans get to see celebrities lives up close and personal.

We will never forget Kanye aka Ye’s interview. Incidentally, that episode was taken down. Because of Ye’s alleged anti-Semitic remarks.

Having said this, a new episode of Drink Champs will air on January 27, 2023. What was your favorite celebrity interview?

For me, it was Patti LaBelle. Although, N.O.R.E issued an apology for Ye’s remarks, it was a great interview.

It is interesting that celebrities get to drink while discussing their careers. I am not sure if any other podcast does that.

Not to mention, N.O.R.E. gets his tilt on with the guest.

Music mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs credits Drink Champs for changing the game. Here is some of what he shared,


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This was a big compliment. Especially coming from Diddy. Who is a icon of hip-hop culture, himself.

The Shade Room pointed out that other podcaster have increased hip-hop podcast awareness.

In fact, Combat Jack, Taxstone and Joe Budden were mentioned.

I must admit that is a true statement. All of the podcast host contributed greatly to hip-hop culture.

Be that as it may, Drink Champs partnering with WMG is great. Let’s not forget Hip Hop News Uncensored. After all, we provide quality content.

We do our part to propel our culture forward. Thought I would give a shout out. Congratulations Drink Champs.

Continue to pave the way for hip-hop podcasts.

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