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Former ESPN Employee Kera Talks About Sage’s Lawsuit

Former ESPN Employee Kera Talks About Sage’s Lawsuit

Former ESPN Employee Kera Talks About Sage’s Lawsuit. Both Kera and Sage Steel are former ESPN commentators. So, it was good to get Kera’s perspective on the matter.

Kera Gives Detail On Sage’s Lawsuit With ESPN

Former ESPN Employee Kera Talks About Sage’s Lawsuit. In a compelling interview, Kera Dangerous explains the lawsuit. Kera spoke with hosts O’God and SamAnt.

The hosts of Hip Hop News Uncensored were able to get the inside scoop. It was very interesting to get details of the former ESPN sports correspondent lawsuit.

Especially since going up against a major network like ESPN is difficult. Not to mention, Sage has the burden of proving she was discriminated against.

In Kera’s explanation, she points out that Sage believes her freedom of speech has been violated. In fact, Sage must prove expressing her personal views was violated.

However, because ESPN is a private employer she may not win the case.

Our first amendment rights are only protected within the construct of government, federal, state, and local entities, as reported by Indy Star. Sage would have to prove she was being punished for her views.

And, that can be problematic, in terms of the law. So, I can see why Kera wanted to give details about Sage’s dilemma. Also, we can say that there could be other factors to consider.

One aspect of her case could be the fact she is an African American woman. Another aspect is some of her comments were controversial. Having said this, Sage does have an uphill battle.

Although, there is a caveat in Sage’s case. Because she lives in Connecticut her case may have a chance. Connecticut does provide its citizens’ protections over and beyond the US constitution.

Sort of like a state-by-state issue. If you will. Overall, this is a very interesting lawsuit. Hopefully, Sage can prove her case.

kera and sage

Check out the video above for more details.

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