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Bas Is Back …With “Diamonds”

Bas Is Back …With “Diamonds”

Bas is back on the radar with his new track, ‘Diamonds’. A visual work of art with a strong message is delivered with expertise.

Bas Is Back With A Powerful Message In Single ‘Diamonds’

Bas is back with new music and video.

The single released by the Dreamville MC, “Diamonds” is a whole vibe.

Fans are rejoicing about this project.

You can see the video below.

Opening the visual, we see Bas – real name Abbas Hamad – emerge from a haze.

Partially submerged in water, the 35-year-old rapper/songwriter sets up the scene and then delivers mellow harmonies and sharp verses.

When all is said and done, onlookers witness a death right before their eyes.

And what do they do?

They pull out their cellphones of course!

Explaining the powerful message behind the video, Bas says –

“‘Diamonds’ stems from the stark realization that, as artists in the public light, our pains and traumas are consistently up for the public’s consumption. We have to continually explore and give more of ourselves to feed the insatiable appetite of the audience. We experience and watch our peers go through life-altering and irrevocably damaging moments that just end up as clickbait or social media fodder.”

Adding to his statement, he goes deeper.

“We make public appearances and wear masks in order to be who the public wants us to be. Shine bright for them. Yet our inner turmoils just fester underneath it all. The trappings of the life we chose, the dreams we pursue can oftentimes be the cause of our downfall.”

Check out the official music video for Bas’ “Diamonds” now –

So what do you think about this visual?

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