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Usher Taraji & Fantasia Along With New Edition Won NAACP Awards

Usher Taraji & Fantasia Along With New Edition Won NAACP Awards

Usher Taraji & Fantasia Along With New Edition Won NAACP Awards. The star-studded event of the year, the NAACP Image Awards 2024, was a night to remember as Hollywood’s biggest names graced the red carpet and took center stage to celebrate excellence in entertainment. From electrifying performances to heartfelt acceptance speeches, the evening was the highlight of the award season.

Usher Receives The President’s Award For Entertainer Of The Year

Usher Taraji & Fantasia Along With New Edition Won NAACP Awards.

The NAACP Image Awards 2024 marked wins for some of the cast of the remake of ‘The Color Purple’ cast. However, singer Usher received the coveted honor of ‘The President’s Award.’

Grammy-winning artist Usher gave a very riveting speech when he accepted the honor.

None other than Opray Winfrey presented Usher with the prestigious award, as stated by Hollywood Reporter.

For decades, Usher has wooed his fans and onlookers with hit song after hit song. Some of the most memorable songs, such as ‘Confessions’ set Usher apart from other R&B singers.

Other hit songs, like ‘Burn,’ ‘Yeah,’ and ‘U Remind Me,’ skyrocketed up the charts. According to Biography, Usher is an eight-time Grammy award winner.

Usher has created a blueprint for other singers and entertainers to follow. At 14, Usher was a contestant on ‘Star Search,’ and his performance paved the way.

When he turned 15, Usher signed to LaFace Records, where he released his 1994 album.

His first No.1 album’Confessions’ (2004), gained him worldwide recognition. From that point on, Usher became a driving force in music. Confessions sold over 1 million copies in its first week.

Recently, Usher completed a residency in Las Vegas. As if that wasn’t enough, Usher had the honor of performing at last year’s Superbowl half-time show.

As you can see, Usher’s being honored with the NAACP Image Award 2024 is well deserved. I want to point out that Usher told the NAACP audience that he was most proud of his philanthropic work.

That is what he wanted his legacy to reflect. His contribution to R&B and Hip-Hop is undeniable.

Taraji P. Henson And Fantasia Wer Honored For The Color Purple

Taraji P. Henson was another big winner at the NAACP Image Awards. She was honored with the ‘supporting actress image award.’

Also, Tariji was recognized for her character ‘Sug’ in the remake of ‘The Color Purple.’

It was long overdue. Taraji is one of the best actors of our time. Countless times, She has proved to audiences that her talent is unmatched.

From her character Yvette in John Singleton’s Baby Boy to her iconic role as Cookie Lyon, Taraji is a force of nature. In other words, She has continued to evolve into one of Hollywood’s premier actors.

So, for her to finally be recognized for her work is excellent.

Especially since she received some backlash for calling out the industry for low wages for African American female actors.

We must mention that Fantasia’s role as ‘Celie’ in The Color Purple was also recognized. Fantasia won for ‘Outstanding Actress in a Motion Picture’.

This was such an honor for Fantasia, as he cried during her acceptance speech. The ‘American Idol’ winner has one of the greatest voices of our time.

And now, to see her venture into acting roles is simply beautiful.

That is why spotlighting two talented African American actresses is so monumental.

New Edition Was Inducted Into The NAACP Hall Of Fame

According to Vibe, R&B group New Edition received one of the greatest honors.

New Edition has entertained audiences all over the world for decades. To say New Edition is legendary is an understatement. Growing up, many of us remember hit songs, ‘Candy Girl,’ Mr. Telephone Man, and ‘Is This The End.’

Ronnie, Ricky, Bobby, and Mike set the tone for Boy Bands such as ‘New Kids On The Block’ and others. Not since the legendary group ‘The Jackson Five’ had we seen such blended voices and harmonic style.

Back then, New Edition was known for its “Popcorn Sound.” No pun intended. As time passed, New Edition added the soulful voice of my favorite singer, R&B singer Johnny Gill. Johnny was a star in his own right.

He replaced Bobby Brown in New Edition when Bobby went solo. Adding Johnny was pure genius because it took New Edition to another level. You already know that Johnny brought his ‘A’ game to New Edition,

They went on to make history this weekend. Mark Wahlberg had the honor of presenting New Edition with their award. New Edition’s Ronnie Devoe spoke highly of his brothers in their acceptance speech.

At the same time, he thanked the fans, their families, and Brooke Payne. Brook Payne discovered New Edition and managed their group. Ronnie did not forget to mention entertainers Sammy Davis Jr. and Harry Belafonte.

Mike Bivens took the mic next and praised their hometown, Boston. He particularly praised “The Orchard Park Projects.”

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