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TV Star Mendeecees Tells All!!!!!

TV Star Mendeecees Tells All!!!!!

TV Star Mendeecees Tells All!!!!! Love And Hip Hop’s Mendeecees tells all about his upbringing.

Mendeecees Harris Tells All About His Upbringing On The Streets Of Harlem!!!!!

According to TheJasmineBrand, Mendeecees made during his drug dealing days that he is not proud of.

During a recent sit down with Shannon Sharpe, Harris chatted about a time he once saw no other future for himself.

Mendeecees was sentenced to 8 years behind bars for pleading guilty to conspiracy to distribute cocaine and heroin.

He only serves half of that time before he was released from prison. While revealing one of his lowest drug dealing points to Sharpe, he said,

This gon’ sound horrible, but I put up my mom for collateral.

I was getting a bunch of keys, and they was like,

Well you gotta show me where your mom live at, because if you run off with this, we can’t afford for you to run off. I had no intention of running off.

He also said,

I think at that point I had good in my heart to do good business, so I didn’t think that far.

The former real estate entrepreneur, once he became a father, he knew it was time to turn his life around.

Mendeecees had been in a long term relationship with manager-turned reality TV star, Yandy Smith-Harris. They are the parents to a son named Omere, 10, and a daughter named Skylar, 8.

He also has 2 other children, one son named Mendeecees Harris Jr. who is 17, and another son named Aasim Harris, 11, with Samantha Wallace and Erika DeShazo.

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