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Meek Mill Will Make Videos In Philly!!!!

Meek Mill Will Make Videos In Philly!!!!

Meek Mill Will Make Videos In Philly. We recently heard the news that some of Philly’s rappers dissed Meek.

Meek fires back at Philly rappers dissing him

Meek Mill will make videos in Philly. This so called beef with Meek and other up and coming Philly rappers started last month. Apparently, we found out that Meek had offered a contract to some young Philly rappers if they stopped beefing with each other.

In other words, Meek was trying to address the recent killings in the city of Philadelphia. The killings of young people in particular have sky rocketed this year. And, Meek thought by intervening with offering a way out of crime would be helpful, as reported by Hip Hop DX. However, it back fired. Some of the Philly rappers came at Meek.

In fact, the backlash was posted all over social media. A local rapper by the name of PoundSide Pop called himself banning Meek from coming to Philly. Which to me is ludacris, especially since Meek is a native of Philly.

Also, with all the good Meek has done for prison reform why would anyone be against his helping them. At any rate, I think that both Meek and the other Philly rappers should be able to come to some agreement. With that said, it was really unnecessary to address the Philly rappers on social media. Clearly, Meek felt some kind of way about what was said about him.

On Thursday Meek went on Instagram and posted this message,” I’m shooting the rest of my videos in Philly…..#extremebigdawgshit”. Hopefully, what Meek said will not start a firestorm of back and forth with him and the other Philly rappers.

Of course, this banter is so childish. This kind of issue can really lead to a problem. However, I can understand why Meek would be upset.  A word of advice for Meek was issued from the hosts of Hip Hop Uncensored, take the high road Meek. As O’God and SamAnt pointed out, Meek should not be in the same head space as those Philly rappers. I agree!


Check out the video for more details.

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