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Travis Scott Vents During Grammy Performance Over’ Fe! n’ Snub

Travis Scott Vents During Grammy Performance Over’ Fe! n’ Snub

Travis Scott Vents During Grammy Performance Over’ Fe! n’ Snub. Scott, the acclaimed rapper and producer, left the audience spellbound with his powerful Grammy performance. However, behind his dynamic stage presence and captivating lyrics, a frustrated artist was venting his frustrations over the snubbing of his hit song, ‘Fe! n,’ at the prestigious awards ceremony. With his intense performance, Scott aimed to convey his disappointment and shed light on the undervalued artistry in the music industry.

Travis Scott’s Let’s The Academy Know How He Feels

Travis Scott Vents During Grammy Performance Over’ Fe! n’ Snub.

Trav’s Grammy performance was nothing short of extraordinary. The rapper took the stage by storm, captivating the audience with his raw energy and charismatic presence.

The set design, complete with mesmerizing visuals and pyrotechnics, perfectly complemented Scott’s dynamic performance. He stormed through his hit songs and threw jabs at the Grammys.

He was visibly upset about allegedly not winning ‘Best Rap Performance,’ or Best Rap Album.’ So much so that Trav shouted out his disdain midway through his performance.

According to TMZ, Trav’s performance was similar to a WWE match. Especially since Trav alleged they could be seen throwing chairs and banging the stage.

Perhaps it was Trav’s way of protesting being allegedly snubbed for the 10th time by the Grammys. Many of Trav’s fans thought he was a shoo-in for winning best song ‘FE!N.’

However, it was Killer Mike who won in three categories ‘Best Rap Performance,’ Best Rap Album, and ‘Best Rap Song.’

It was like Deja Vu for Travis, who did not win in 2018, as stated by Hot New Hip Hop. Instead, it was Cardi B who won for her album “Invasion of Privacy.”

Grammys Get Called Out By Other Rappers

Folks thought Trav was robbed of winning for the best album of the year. So, it is really disturbing that Trav has been allegedly snubbed ten times.

Doesn’t it seem the Recording Academy does not accurately select hits? Having said this, Trav was not the only music artist to be snubbed.

Rapper Jay-Z called out the Grammys for allegedly snubbing his wife, Beyonce. While Jay was being honored with the Dr. Dre Global Impact Award, he blasted the Grammys’

Rightfully so, Beyonce has won 32 Grammys but not for ‘Best Album.’ Clearly, Trav and Jay have a legitimate point, or so it seems.

However, despite its undeniable impact, ‘FE!N’ was overlooked by the Grammy committee, leaving Scott feeling disheartened and underappreciated.

As Jay-Z shared during his acceptance speech, many artists will go home feeling slighted. In this case, it appears Travis Scott was looked over.

At any rate, Trav vented his frustration towards the Grammy snub. One thing is for sure, the Recording Academy needs to make some changes.

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