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Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner: Its a Boy!

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner: Its a Boy!

Social media users have found it fitting to drag Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott over the name of their newest child. It’s a Boy! The baby boy’s name is Wolf Webster. The name in reality fits well with the rest of that generation of Kardashians.

Travis Scott: It’s a Boy!

Wolf has cousins and a sister by the names of Stormi, Dream, Psalm, True, North, and other interesting names. Kylie was mocked for giving her animals human names and her children names that sound like they are meant for pets.

This shocked the public because it is not the name Chris Jenner released for her grandchild. The only image released of the new baby is of his hand. A sentimental photo of Stormi holding her little brother Wolf’s hand.

A Family Full of Unique Names

Kylie dropped a few nuggets and easter eggs hinting towards the baby being a boy as well as his name being Wolf. Not only did she have a Wolf themed baby shower for this last pregnancy, but she also wore blue with the release of her new products along with Stormi wearing pink.

Psychologists surmise that celebrities name their children abnormal names because they assume their children will also be celebrities. Not a far-off assumption in the least. Often times one needs a professional name for a job application. However, these are children less likely to ever need to turn in a resume or job application.

Celebrity Children and Their Interesting Names

Interestingly enough, the Kardashian Jenner family has noticeably stayed away from African American-sounding names and name patterns. Although the majority of the children of their next-generation have an African American parent, there are no names like Sha’chondria, for example. Do you think that this is a strategy or that it has been done on purpose?

One of Kanye West’s family members asked Kim Kardashian West to name North West Precious. Precious is not only a common name among African Americans but also an iconic movie depicting an African American girl’s story. Let us know what you think by commenting down below!

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