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Drake Gifts DJ Khaled With Toilets

Drake Gifts DJ Khaled With Toilets

Drake Gifts DJ Khaled With Toilets. It’s no secret Drake and DJ Khaled are good friends. Well, Drizzy just gifted him some unexpected items for his birthday.

DJ Khaled Receives Toilets From Drake

Drake Gifts DJ Khaled With Toilets. Without a doubt, DJ Khaled is going to bust a dance move. It could be anything from the release of his multi-platinum records, to becoming a father.

As you might know, Drake is one of his most important collaborators. However, the two have a genuine friendship outside of music.

The God Did producer took to Instagram to shout him out for the four new toilets he sent him. Apparently, the commodes are especially important because they were on Khaled’s wish list while he made some home improvements.

“My brother Drake just bought me and my family about four big toilet bowls. This is called a Toto toilet bowl. I’m not even joking Drake: we been wanting this. Me and my queen been talking about getting Totos for the whole house.”

Importantly, the ToTo toilets aren’t cheap. The innovative latrines carry a hefty price tag from roughly $2,000 and increase immensely.

Additionally, these high end toilets pack some nice features. Specifically, a built in air deodorizer, UV cleaning system, a bidet function, remote control operation, and automatic opening and closing.

Certainly, Champagne Papi loves a good celebration. And Khaled has a reason to celebrate. It’s also his 47th birthday.

“This might be the best gift ever. Everybody knows, when you sit down and do the theory,” he said while simulating a wiping motion, “that’s when you meditate and reflect on life! When you sit down and do the theory, ideas be coming. Some of my best ideas come from me taking a theory. Real talk! And I got one now that lights up and it sprays theory and it even makes it smell theory. And it’s like a big theory.”

Well, DJ Khaled and family can officially handle their “theory” like royalty. Stay tuned to see if his Air BnB listing includes one.

Drake DJ Khaled Toilets

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