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Is DMX’s Album Coming Out This Year Throwback

Is DMX’s Album Coming Out This Year Throwback

Who is Dmx

Earl Simmons, better known as DMX  was born on December 18, 1970, in Yonkers, NY. He is a rapper as well as an actor with hits such as “Get At Me Dog”, “Stop Being Greedy”, “How’s It Goin Down”, and his best hit to date, “Party (Up In Here)” and his hit movies include Romeo Must Die, Exit Wounds, and the hip hop classic “Belly”. He has has several run ins with the law for various charges such as marijuana possession, driving without a license, and for most recently, 14 federal counts of tax fraud, eventually  pleading guilty to a single account of tax fraud. In January of 2018, after leaving a drug treatment program that was ordered by the court and relapsing on cocaine and oxycodone. In March of 2018, he was sentenced to one year in prison, followed by three years of supervised release and ordered to pay $2.29 million dollars in restitution to the government. He has 15 kids, the last, Exodus Simmons, born in 2016.

Will DMX release some music

The last record label that DMX was signed to was Seven Arts Entertainment. They released “Redemption of a Beast” without acquiring a legal artist contract, to which DMX and his manager Montana will be taking legal action against. Here is a quote below:

“Seven Arts Entertainment had no right to put out a new album. The only contract DMX had was for Undisputed & that came out two years ago. He don’t have a contract with them to release another album. You can’t just put somebody’s album out without permission. X only had a contract with them for one album & that album already came out a long time ago. If they wanted to come out with another album, they had to come to the table. That’s why we sent a cease & desist letter. Some of the songs are from the Undisputed album & there’s three extra songs that he recorded that were not on the Undisputed album that they just put on that album. That’s what they did. We don’t even know where he got that picture on the cover from. -Montana”

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