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OutKast Debut Album Celebrates 28 Years

OutKast Debut Album Celebrates 28 Years

OutKast Debut Album Celebrates 28 Years. Hip Hop duo OutKast dropped their classic album Southernplayalisticcadillacmuzik 28 years ago today. And the Atlanta Hip Hop community has been fruitful ever since.

A Southern Sound

Outkast Debut Album Celebrates 28 Years. On April 26 1994, OutKast introduced the world to a sound we didn’t know we needed.

This classic LP prides itself in begin entirely produced by Rico Wade, Ray Murray, and Sleepy Brown. Better known as Organized Noize.

Conveniently, Southernplayalisticcadillacmuzik reached #20 on the Billboard 200. As well as #3 on top Hip Hop/R&B.

Without a doubt, the south imprinted itself as the crossroads of Hip Hop. Before this album, Atlanta struggled to make a name for itself in the genre.

However, LaFace records had already proved Atlanta had what it took. Following a $15,000 advance, the Dungeon family went to work on the album.

Organized Noize implemented live music sounds. Ultimately, they boasted an original Southern/Atlanta vibe.

Comprised of soul, funk, and bass. Importantly, the Organized Noize sound was largely created with drum machines and sequencers.

Alongside smooth vocals by Sleepy Brown.

Outkast – Roses (Official HD Video)


Not to mention, there never before heard of cadence. These ATLiens’ intricate flow speaks volumes about the HBCU and black culture of the south.

As noted by Sleepy Brown their outlook was:

“We wanted Atlanta brothers to be proud of where they were from.”

Obviously, OutKast is nothing short of that.

Something To Say

At this point, the duo from East Point reached platinum status.

Undoubtedly, the lyrical content gave the outside world a look into Southern slang and culture.

For example, in the song Ain’t No Thang, we hear:

“Ain’t no thang but a chicken wing.”

As a result, Hotlanta became a beacon of success. To a great extent, credit for Atlanta’s mainstream Hip Hop scene goes to Andre 3000 and Big Boi.

It’s been 28 years, and the Grammy-winning duo still has influence. OutKast and the Dungeon Family are forever etched in Atlanta rap history.

From movies roles to clothing, to 3 Stacks being regarded as one of the best lyricists ever.

Andre 3000 hit the nail on the head at the 1995 Source Awards.

After winning New Artist of The Year, the New York crowd made it painfully clear they had no love for Southern Hip Hop. Thus confirming the allegory behind the duos’ name.

However, OutKast didn’t fold. 3000 assured the naysayers:

“The South got something to say. That’s all I gotta say.”
The paradigm shifted. And Atlanta rappers have been big stepping ever since.


OutKast Celebrates 28 Years

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