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Tasha K: A Victim of Her Own Attorney?

Tasha K: A Victim of Her Own Attorney?

There are all types of lawyers. There are civil litigators, business lawyers, family lawyers, labor lawyers, personal injury lawyers, medical malpractice lawyers, DUI lawyers, etc. The list continues and it is a lengthy one.

Some would say that the legal loss Latasha “Tasha K” Kebe experienced against superstar Cardi B was inevitable. Others would say that Tasha K of Kebe Studios and unwinewithTASHAK, would have had a fighting chance had it not been for her legal representation.

Who is Olga Izmaylova

Olga Izmaylova, Tasha K’s former attorney, is a criminal defense lawyer. She has never practiced any other kind of law until the case with Tasha K. Being represented by a lawyer who has never practiced the type of law that you are engaged in is like going to court asking to represent yourself. Risky at best.

Typically, when you consult a lawyer who does not practice the type of law you are interested in, that lawyer will refer you to someone who does. Part of the reason why lawyers have earned such a bad reputation as liars is that instead of doing the right thing, some lawyers, see dollar signs and take your case despite it being completely above their pay grade.

Olga Hates Bullies?

Olga, has expressed disdain for bullies on her website. Considering that Tasha k was allegedly cyberbullying Cardi B, it almost seems like a setup for Tasha K. Courtroom witnesses have been whispering among themselves that it is almost as if Olga went out of her way to lose the case for Tasha K. Olga says in her own words, “My mom always tells me that ever since I was young, I hated seeing anyone being picked on and I would immediately jump to their defense. My disdain for bullies has turned into my passion for protecting people‚Äôs rights and fighting for justice.”

Olga was said to have been showing up to court unprepared and discombobulated. Olga is on record asking the judge to admit evidence that had nothing to do with the case such as recordings of Azelia Bank’s calling Cardi B a racist, in a rant.

The Judge Scolds Olga During The Proceedings

Even the federal presiding judge took issue with Olga. It has been alleged that he said Olga needed to return to her first year of law school. Years one, two, and three are quite different from one another in law school. You know nothing, in year one as a student.

The judge repeatedly asked Tasha K to consider settling. She refused. Tasha K left a scathing one-star review of Olga Izmaylova back in June. Did Olga retaliate by underperforming on purpose? Some say she did, while others say Olga was simply incapable and out of her league.

What do you think? Was Tasha K Hoodwinked, bamboozled, and run amuck? Has she been Had? Taken? Let us know in the comments below!


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