Rapper Shock G Dead At 57!!!

Rapper Shock G Dead At 57. 

Rapper Shock G Dead At 57.  Shock G was famous for the hit record “The Humpty Dance.”

The Humpty Dance was a party favorite

Rapper Shock G dead at 57. Unfortunately, TMZ reported the sad news. What I was able to gather was Shock G was found in a Tampa hotel room unresponsive.

Also, Shock’s father doe not believe there was foul play. His death is a shock to the hip hop community. Especially, since fans are still reeling from the loss of DMX and Black Rob.

With that said, who can deny the mark Shock G has made an irreplaceable mark on hip hop. And, one of the greatest records by rap legend Tupac was “I Get Around.”

I did not realize it was Shock G who bought rapper Tupac to the forefront. As a result. Tupac went on to do great things in hip hop. In addition, Shock G work with Dr. Dre and Bobby Brown.

It was the nose for me, Shock G alter ego Humpty Hump was hilarious. Rest In Power!

Shock G

Check out the video above for more details.

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