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Why Young Dolph Turned Down A 22 Million Dollar Record Deal!!

Why Young Dolph Turned Down A 22 Million Dollar Record Deal!!

On the Uncensored Truth Podcast host O’God and Sam Ant discussed Young Dolph and how he turned down a $22 million dollar record deal. It may seem ludicrous for  Adolph Thorton Jr. better known as rapper Young Dolph to turn down such a large sum of money for a recording contract. However, as Sam Ant pointed out a lot of the young rappers down south can make a whole lot more money being independent of a record label.

Dolph started as an  independent rapper

Rapper Adolph Thorton Jr. aka  Young Dolph was born in  Chicago but moved with his family to Memphis Tennessee. Dolph’s first mixtape Paper Route Campaign was successful enough for him to decide to embark on a career as a rapper. In 2016, Dolph released his debut studio album King of Memphis number 49 on the which peaked at Billboard 200 chart. Also, he was featured on O.T. Genasis hit single Cut It,which peaked at number 35 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Dolph near fatal shooting almost ended his career

In 2017, Dolph was shot multiple times outside a local store in Los Angeles. He was hospitalized and it was first thought the gun shot wounds were non life threatening. However, a few hours later his condition was critical. Sources were saying that  rapper Yo Gotti has something to do with the shooting but neither of the two rappers have ever confirmed the accusations.

Can you make more being independent as a rapper?

According to Genius website:

A signed artist Prose: immediately has access to financial commodities that an independent artist might take years to acquire, has way more exposure, marketing, promotions and can afford better producers, features with anyone since the label will back them and their albums will be distributed everyone not just locally or online.
Cons: the label tends to profit 5 times the amount as you and literally almost take all your money from both album sales and touring. You’re on a contract that will eventually end depending on who you are means you’re out of the game as well. You have deadlines, your music is influenced by corporate demands. Any money you given you usually have to pay back if not with interest.

Independent artist’s Pros: you are own bosses, you set your schedule how busy you are, how much work you do, who you collab with, freedom, subject matter basically everything. Eat the whole cake when you do tour, a vastly greater majority of the money earned goes to you (if you can get that far). Your contract doesn’t ever really end it’s just when you run out of money or Idea’s. If you can get a cosign like kendrick lamar or macklemore you take home a lot more money from album sales.
Cons: You’re on your own, no money from a major label to assist you for promotion and exposure, you might never actually become big enough to live out the dream. Your album is basically just released online and locally limiting your sales potential exponentially.

There are both pros and cons to consider when determining what you want in terms of creativity and ownership. It sounds like Dolph may have been given the infamous 360 slave deal. Whatever his reason it appears he weighed his options carefully. And, its great to know he has other options.

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