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Travis Scott Sued For Womans’ Miscarriage Following Astroworld

Travis Scott Sued For Womans’ Miscarriage Following Astroworld

Travis Scott Sued For Womans’ Miscarriage Following Astroworld. Following the Astroworld tragedy, Travis Scott slowly made his way back into the public eye. Now, another alleged victim is blaming him for something else.

Another Astroworld Lawsuit

Travis Scott Sued For Womans’ Miscarriage Following Astroworld. As previously mentioned, Travis’ festival ended tragically in November 2021. At least ten people lost their lives during a crowd surge.

As a result, Scott apologized and offered to help the families financially. Of course, some people didn’t see it as enough. Travis found himself receiving countless lawsuits following the incident.

Well, an Ohio couple is following suit. According to Rolling Stone, Shanazia Williamson and Jarawd Ownes are suing Travis Scott and Live Nation after suffering a miscarriage.

The woman states that she was crushed during the event. As a result, she lost her growing fetus. Per court documents, Shanazia is citing wrongful death.

Importantly, she filed the suit in December. The media is just now learning about it.

Here’s an excerpt of the document:

“While in attendance at the festival, Shanazia was trampled and crushed resulting in horrific injuries and ultimately the death of her and Jarawd’s unborn child.”

Also, the suit speaks to her other injuries.
“In addition, Shanazia sustained injuries to her shoulder, back, leg, chest, stomach and other parts of her body.”

Is Travis Scott Responsible

Undoubtedly, Williamson says Travis is at fault. Her attorneys refused to comment due to a gag order.

Here’s more per the suit:

“Defendants’ failure to plan, design, manage, operate, staff, and supervise the event was a direct and proximate cause of Shanazia’s injuries and death of her and Jarawd’s unborn child.”

Furthermore, the lawsuit begs the question if life starts at conception, or later in the pregnancy. Well, the state of Texas’ Civil Practice and Remedies Code states that fetuses have life at fertilization.

Apparently, Texas courts aren’t used to these types of suits. Thus, many suits end up settled out of court.

Lastly, this type of case raises ethical issues. So it’ll be equally interesting and informative to see how things turn out. Without a doubt, Travis Scott denies responsibility since he was performing and didn’t have much control.

Should he be held accountable and what does this mean for Travis Scotts’ career? Will he continue rising up from this, or will he have to do more damage control? This story is still developing.


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