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Is Wack 100 Saying Tory Lanez Is The Victim?

Is Wack 100 Saying Tory Lanez Is The Victim?

Is Wack 100 Saying Tory Lanez Is The Victim? First Wack 100 was defending Megan Thee Stallion. However, he has changed his mind. Who’s side is Wack really on? And, does it really matter?

What Really Happened With Tory And Megan?

Is Wack 100 Saying Tory Lanez Is The Victim? By now most of us have seen Megan’s interview with Gayle King. After the interview people are taking sides.

Especially since Megan took so long to talk about the incident. Of course, some people are siding with Megan. While others are siding with Tory.

According to XXL Mag, Wack is claiming Tory is the real victim, not Megan. Certainly, it should not really matter what Wack thinks. As always, Wack knows how to get the media’s attention.

In this case, it does appear Wack is off. Although, Megan has not made it easy for people to believe her story. Some thought Megan’s account of the events is not believable.

After seeing her tear up during the CBS, what do you think? Did Tory shoot Megan or not? There are some people who want to know. Is Tory capable of doing something so horrible?

Well, Wack is suggesting Tory did nothing wrong. What we do know is something happened that night. It was enough for the police to arrest Tory.

Also, Tory has appeared in court as a result of the altercation. Notice, I said altercation. Therefore, whether or not Wack believes Megan’s story or not?

Tory has to answer the allegations in a court of law. Take a look at what Wack said,


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In the caption at the bottom of the Instagram post, Wack called her a liar. He pointed out words Megan said during the interview. Megan originally said she cut her foot on some glass.

She told Gayle she “didn’t want them to kill any of us.” Could that be why Wack is saying Tory is the real victim? Having said this, this is Wack’s opinion.

Keep in mind, as I said earlier, that Tory has to prove his innocence in a court of law. In regards to Wack, it’s only his opinion, nothing else.

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