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Young Moose Wins $300k In Crooked Cops Case

Young Moose Wins $300k In Crooked Cops Case
Young Moose Wins $300k In Crooked Cops Case. Baltimore rapper Young Moose just won a huge case. Well, it started with Baltimore police planting drugs on him.

Rapper Young Moose Vs Crooked Cops

Young Moose Wins $300k In Crooked Cops Case. According to TMZ, Baltimore rapper Young Moose recently won a huge case.

Allegedly, Kevron ’Young Moose’ Evans had a run in with Baltimore cops back in 2012.

Unsurprisingly, Evans was harassed by the cops. Subsequently, they planted crack cocaine on him in a ploy to catch him up.

So, former detective Daniel Hersl are among those listed as the crooked cops in the incident.

Along with the Gun Trace Task Force, he allegedly used illegal arrest warrants to do the job.

Unfortunately, the false indictment resulted in Moose wrongfully spending two years in prison.

Furthermore, Evans claims the time away forced him to miss opportunities to advance his career. As well as, tarnishing his image.

Young Moose Wins Big

Precisely, the charges were dropped against the Baltimore rapper eight years later in 2020.

Thus, Baltimore Board of Estimates Agenda had this to say:

“In order to resolve this case, avoiding the expense, time, and uncertainties of further protracted litigation and the potential for an excess judgment, BPD and the city agreed to offer plaintiff a settlement payment of $300,000.00.”

Also, Daniel Hersl is currently serving 18 years on accounts of racketeering and robbery. Not to mention, he was found stealing thousands from innocent civilians.

Importantly, the HBO miniseries We Run This City showcases the Task Force. Daniel Hersl was portrayed by actor Josh Charles.

Moving forward, Young Moose intends to be a voice for victims of unjust abuse from law enforcement.

In the mean time, he’s laughing to the  bank.

Young Moose Wins

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