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Ice -T Gets A Star On Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Ice -T Gets A Star On Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Ice -T Gets A Star On Hollywood Walk Of Fame. Its been a long time coming. Especially since, Ice-T is a cultural icon.

Finally, Ice-T Is Honored For His Accomplishments

Ice -T Gets A Star On Hollywood Walk Of Fame. The LA Rapper Is Both Successful In Music & TV.

Tracy “Ice-T” Marrow is one of the O.Gs of rap. Marrow never failed to push the envelope, as reported by NBC Insider.

Not only that, Marrow has evolved to a beloved actor. His NBC series Law & Order:Special Victims Unit is great show.

Also, Marrow leads his own metal band“Body”Count.” 

As a matter of fact, Marrow’s contribution to West Coast rap is legendary.

Furthermore, Marrow continues to star in the longest running TV series. At the ceremony for his star, Mariska Hargitay spoke.

Her speech was filled with adoration for her co-star. She even revealed her nickname for Marrow “O.G. of Friendship.”

In addition, Dick Wolf the creator of Law & Order spoke.  Wolf called Marrow “the coolest guy” he’s ever met.”

On the Hollywood’s walk of fame website, Marrow’s name is mentioned as a honoree.

More importantly, Marrow’s name was mentioned by HOF Producer Ana Martinez as a fan favorite.

Moreover, got is first break in the movie”Breakin.” He was asked to rap.

Not long after, Marrow appeared in the film “New Jack City.” Perhaps, that is when Marrow realized he could act.

Needless to say, we have watched Marrow in ‘Richocet”, Trespass”, and “Johnny Mnemonic.”

Having said this, Marrow continues to re-create himself.

In reality, it was detective Scotty Appleton I was impressed with. What is your favorite Ice-T role?

By the way, Marrow seems to play a cop often. Do you think that is on purpose?

Especially since, he allegedly started his career as former gang banger.

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