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Difference Between Album And Mixtape

Difference Between Album And Mixtape

Difference Between Album And Mixtape. In the 70s and 80s mixtapes drew in crowds of  listeners. But throughout the evolution of Hip Hop, they gained a new meaning.

Mixtape DJs

Difference Between Album And Mixtape. At its peak, a mixtape was ultimately a collection of a DJs scratch abilities.

Their mixing skills played a significant role in their popularity.

DJ Kool Herc and Grandmaster Flash are some of the DJs to shed light on the importance of staying relevant using mixtapes.

Often distributing their own mixes of popular songs. Essentially, anyone who missed the block party or club performance could now have these mixes at their fingertips.

By the nineties and two-thousands, DJs like Clue and DJ Drama were at the forefront of the mixtape game. At this point, mixtapes were a compilation of popular instrumental beats coupled with the artists’ own lyrics.

New artists and well-known artists alike.

Eventually, mixtapes grew to be projects in their own right.

Lil Wayne had the game on lock with mixtapes like Lil Weezyana, Da Drought series, No Ceilings and the DJ Drama produced Dedication. He’s easily one of the top mixtape kings.

Album vs Mixtape

So what’s the difference between the two. Well, mixtapes are typically free to listen to.

There’s no promotion, and the artist has creative control.

On the contrary, an album release will likely include a promo tour. The production and arrangements are a lot more serious.

And the goal is undoubtedly to generate income via streams and sales.

Mixtapes are more independent bodies of work. The artist brings a DJ on board to host and mix it while showcasing their lyrical skills a little more freely. Whereas an album is 9 times out of 10 backed by a major label.

For example, Def Jam, Good Music, or Maybach Music.

Oftentimes, artists drop mixtapes to give their fan base a hold me over before a new album. Or drum up anticipation for that upcoming album.

Lastly, the earning potential is quite different. With a distribution deal, everyone has to be paid.

Promo costs, managers, advances, and top-tier engineering to name a few. Not to mention, the label has to recoup the advance and then some.

With a mixtape, artists can keep more money in their pockets. Especially if they’re hot commodities like Future or Young Boy.

Either way, new music from your favorite artist is always something to look forward to.

What are your favorite mixtapes and albums?

Album vs Mixtape

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