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Coco Jones Is High ‘Caliber’ In New Visual

Coco Jones Is High ‘Caliber’ In New Visual

Coco Jones has released a visual for her song, Caliber. And fans are delighted to get a peek into her upcoming summer drop.

Coco Jones Says ‘Caliber’ Was The Perfect Name For Her New Single

Multi-talented Coco Jones gives fans a peek into her ‘Calibur’ single with a visual.

Are you ready for the EP that this singer/songwriter/actress is scheduled to drop later this summer?

Ahead of the drop, Courtney “Coco” Jones has given fans a sensual new visual to tide them over.

You can see it below, but check out the lyrics

Pulled up to the party on my Playgirl shit / See you on my body / Now we off that liquor/ I know you want more than just my conversation, wanna get in something else besides my head / Lowkey, I can see your potential I just want to see how you handle/ Just might bend the rules if you wit’ it / Highkey, you can get it so/ Get on my caliber“

Additionally, she shows she ain’t playing on the chorus, with her swooning –

Get on my caliber/ Come get on my caliber/ You built like a C.E.O/ Then you gotta work me up /
Can you get me leveled up?/ Put you on my calendar/ Come fit in my schedule/ If you ain’t gone come correct, don’t come at all.”

This Multi-Talented Lady Is Plenty Busy Lately Too

coco jones caliber visual released

Not only is she stepping out in her music career, but, she is still turning heads as an actress.

Since her early beginning burning demos made by her mom, she hasn’t slowed down yet.

Then, at the tender age of 9, she auditioned for Disney and became an actress.

She even did a voice in the Disney film, Let It Shine.

Aside from music, you can also check my girl out playing the role of Hilary Banks in Bel-Air, the reboot of ‘The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air‘.

Coco Is Ready To Kickstart Her Music Career Again

Describing her music though, Coco says it’s “thriving”, “lively”, and “encouraging”.

In a recent interview with Vibe, here’s what the 24-year-old Jones had to say about the song, Caliber

“When I heard the beat… I’m always trying to stay on this line of classy and sexy, but I want to grow up. I don’t want to blindside people with me being grown…trying to find that balance of what feels comfortable and authentic for me to talk about. And so when I heard the beat, it definitely made me want to talk my stuff, but in a way that was still enticing.”

Adding to her comment, she continued –

“I was like, “I want to tell this dude what’s up but I don’t want him to think I’m talking down to him or anything. I want to encourage him, I want to be the motivation.” That’s kind of what the vibe was. And I was talking to the other writers, I was like there are just levels to it… These dudes just don’t be on my level. We were looking up “level” and just the synonyms and then caliber came up and we were like, we got one.”

“It started pouring out, everything, the scenery, all of it because the first verse is basically setting up the story, and I love a song that tells a story. I think it was really when we found that term that exactly meant what I was looking for because “levels”… Even that is a little too intimidating. “There are levels to it.” I didn’t want it to give that vibe, but I wanted to be like, “I see something in you. I’m just going to need you to reach your full potential in order to gain my attention. So, good luck to you.”

Watch the visual for Coco Jones’s Caliber for yourself right now.

Keep thriving Coco, we see ya!

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