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Behind Bars: Young Thug Drops ‘Jonesboro’

Behind Bars: Young Thug Drops ‘Jonesboro’

Behind Bars: Young Thug Drops’ Jonesboro.’ The Atlanta-based rapper, known for his unique sound and fashion sense, has released his latest track while behind bars. “Jonesboro,” named after a town in Georgia, is a hard-hitting track with a signature Thug twist. However, controversy has arisen as some fans speculate that Thug aims at fellow rapper Gunna in his lyrics.

Young Thug’s Latest Release Behind Bars

Behind Bars: Young Thug Drops’ Jonesboro.’

Fans were surprised that Thugger released “Business is Business” today.

Especially since he had been incarcerated for some time now.

Thugger has been incarcerated since May 9th, 2022.

He was arrested on weapons charges, but that hasn’t stopped him from creating new music.

Fans eagerly await new music from Thug, and “Jonesboro” does not disappoint.

This new album dropped by Thugger today has numerous tracks.

But track 13 ‘Joneses,” may be directed at Gunna.

At least, that is what Thugger spectators are saying, as stated by XXL Mag.

Others say Thugger created this album before he was locked up.

Therefore, it may not be about Gunna after all.

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Fans Welcome Young Thug’s New Album “Business to Business”

However, some fans are excited about Thugger’s new album being released.

He has a huge fan base, and now his followers can enjoy his music.

Even rapper Drake jumped on social media to say something to Thugger.

Thugger is not allowing his jail time to stop his musical flow.

I would not be surprised if 21 Savage and other rappers jump on some of the tracks.

Modern technology would permit Thugger to be sent lyrics from fellow rappers.

Also, it is not unheard of for incarcerated rappers to release music while behind bars.

In this case, Thugger has done just that.

Regardless of whether or not Thug’s lyrics are aimed at Gunna, “Jonesboro” is a strong track from the talented rapper.

Thug’s unique sound and style captivate fans, even behind bars, as stated by Complex.

It remains to be seen if there will be any fallout from the rumored diss towards Gunna.

But Thug’s music will continue to impact the hip-hop world.

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