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Jamie Foxx Cast In Movie ‘Tin Soldier’

Jamie Foxx Cast In Movie ‘Tin Soldier’

Jamie Foxx starring in Tin Soldier, an action film that will soon be filming in Greece. Alongside him is a cast of heavy hitters in the business.

Jamie Foxx Teams With Scott Eastman, Robert De Niro, and John Leguizamo In New Action Film, Tin Soldier

Jamie Foxx is set to star in Tin Soldier.

As described on Deadline, here is the synopsis of the movie.

Tin Soldier tells the story of The Bokushi (Foxx), who preaches to hundreds of veterans who have been drawn to the promise of protection and purpose under him.

Surrounded by his devout military-trained followers, he has built an impenetrable fortress and amassed an arsenal of weapons.

After several failed infiltration attempts, the government – in the form of military operative Emmanuel Ashburn (De Niro) – recruits Nash Cavanaugh (Eastwood).

Cavanaugh is an ex-special forces asset, who was once a disciple of The Bokushi.

Nash agrees to use his vulnerable past and insider knowledge of the enigmatic leader to finally get revenge on the man who took everything from him, including the love of his life.

As for the cast of this film, they are a spectacular ensemble of actors.

jamie foxx tin soldier


  • Jamie Foxx as The Bokushi
  • Scott Eastwood as Nash Cavanaugh
  • Robert De Niro as Emmanuel Ashburn
  • John Leguizamo

Oscar winners Jamie Foxx and Robert De Niro together are casting gold.

And then you add Scott Eastwood (The Fate of the Furious) and John Leguizamo (John Wick) to the mix…we are in for a ride.

The screenplay was written by Brad Furman and Jess Fuerst, who are also producers of the project.

Producers Kjarval and Chasman called the screenplay “powerful” and had this to say bout the “clever action film” –

“Brad and Jess have written such a powerful screenplay that has allowed us to put together an amazing diverse group of actors. With such incredible talent, this is going to be a wild ride.”

Brad Furman, who is also serving as director of the film said of this cast –

“I am honored to be a part of the team behind such an ambitious, important and deeply personal work in Tin Soldier. With awe-inspiring settings and set pieces built for the big screen, this is an original story about struggle, sacrifice and the power of love and acceptance. To collaborate with a cast of this caliber is beyond humbling. The individual inspiration they have brought to each role is like nothing I have seen before. This has been an exciting journey and my hope is the film is even more exciting for audiences around the world.”

Are you excited about this movie yet?

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