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Boosie Enlists Other Artists To Promote His Film

Boosie Enlists Other Artists To Promote His Film

Boosie Enlists Other Artists To Promote His Film. Boosie drops his new movie soon. And he’s asking fellow artists to spread the word.

Boosie Promotes His Film

Boosie Enlists Other Artists To Promote His Film. According to All Hip Hop, Boosie Badazz has an upcoming film. The indie movie titled Water Boyz is set to release on September 28th.

As you know, Instagram often shadow bans the Set it Off rapper. Currently, the Meta platform isn’t allowing him to use it. Also, he’s no stranger to controversies—at times his bold comments lead to self destruction.

At any rate, he’s officially enlisting the hip hop community to promote the indie project.

Apparently, Boosie believes his fellow artists will gladly support his work since he has “no opps”.

Here’s his plea:

“If you fuck with Boosie, mane, and you an artist, mane, I need a post up, bruh. You know y’all got all them followers. When y’all post a nigga that really help a nigga shit get out there. You already know that. So, if you fuck with Boosie, gimme a post up.”

Without a doubt, Badazz has high expectations for this body of work. Of course, the film world is a natural progression for most artists.

Furthermore, he’s been quite the entertainer rather intentionally or not. In fact, many people believe he needs his own reality show.

Boosie continues:

“I don’t see why nobody wouldn’t post my shit. So, if you fuck with Boosie, man—you know, I’m independent. I’m doing this shit, bruh. I’m doing this shit against a lot of people trying to take me down. I need y’all to give a nigga a post up, mane. I need y’all to put me on y’all platform. Post the motherf**king Water Boyz dropping on All the niggas I done fu**ed with in the game, gimme a post up.”

Well, the movie releases September 28th on the aforementioned website. Would you be interested in a Boosie reality show?

Boosie Enlists Artists To Promote Film

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