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Martin Lawrence Receives High Honors

Martin Lawrence Receives High Honors

Martin Lawrence Receives High Honors. The 58-year-old actor gets his just doe. Lawrence is a Hollywood icon.

Martin Gets A Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Martin Lawrence Receives High Honors. When you receive such a high honor, it speaks volumes.

The comedian/actor has made us laugh for decades.

His hit show “Martin”has become a cult classic.

Not only that, Lawrence easily made the transition from comedian to actor.

One of his most memorable comedic routines was as host of “Def Comedy Jam.”

It was easy for Lawrence to command the audience as the host.

Countless times, we sat and watched Lawrence steal the show from other comedians.

Whenever Lawrence hosted “Def Comedy Jam” you laughed until you cried.

But it was his breakout role on “What’s Happening” starring Ernest Thomas that got my attention.

He got his start playing Maurice Warfield on the show.

Ernest Thomas aka Raj frequented the restaurant where Lawrence character worked.

Lawrence was a waiter who worked with Shirley. Shirley Hemphill was a waitress at “Rob’s Place.”

The show was centered on three African American teens in Watts, as stated by Biography.

“What’s Happening” include actors Haywood Nelson(Dwayne), and Fred Berry (Rerun).

Also, veteran singer/actor Mabel King and Danielle Spencer aka Dee were also on the show.

Even then, Lawrence had excellent comedic timing.

Fast forward to 1989, Lawrence was casted in Spike Lee’s “Do the Right Thing.”

As a comedian Lawrence worked the stage at New York’s comedy club “The Improv.”

Shortly after, Lawrence career took off. As the funny radio jock, Lawrence won the hearts of people.

Lawrence Starred In Films & TV

I can almost hear you thinking about your favorite Martin Lawrence role.

Let me guess, it’s Lawrence role as Detective Marcus Burnett.

Marcus Barnett co-stars with Mike Lawry aka Will Smith in “Bad Boys.”

However, your favorite role for Lawrence could be“Big Momma’s House 1,2&3.”

How can I forget Lawrence in”Thin Line Between Love & Hate.”

Additionally, Lawrence starred in,

  • Blue Streak
  • Boomerang
  • House Party
  • National Security
  • College Road Trip
  • Black Knight
  • Open Season
  • Life

And, the list goes on. Lawrence has worked with Eddie Murphy, Tim Robbins, and Will Smith.

Of course, actor Tisha Campbell played Lawrence wife in “Martin.”

Not to mention, Lawrence hosted “Saturday Night Live.”

As a matter of fact, Lawrence worked alongside of comedian Chris Rock,“Death At A Funeral.”

I could go on and on, but you get it.

Therefore, receiving the honor of a star with your name on it is monumental.

What Lawrence has done for the culture is undeniable. I must admit, I still enjoy watching “Martin.”

Martin Lawrence Gave A Riveting Speech At His Ceremony

It was high time Lawrence be recognized. Not often a comedy can make such as smooth transition to acting.

That is just what Lawrence did.

Essence reports, Lawrence says,

“As I stand here very gracious and humble, I would like to give honor to my mom whose continual guidance from above has molded me into the man I am today,” Lawrence said during his acceptance speech. “She instilled the importance of being true to myself and by doing that I have been able to bring laughter to so many.”

Furthermore, he said,

“Thank you to my three beautiful daughters, Jasmine, Iyanna, and Amara,” he continued. “The three of you are a part of the best gift given to me. I love you all so very much.”

Equally important, Lawrence thanked the cast of “Martin.”

In his finale Lawrence shared,

“If I could pass one thing on to those coming after me, it would be to board your dream bus with confidence, grace, and humility, and ride it ’til the wheels fall off. Let the doubters RunTellDat.”

Vibe reports, Lawrence was overwhelmed with gratitude. Better yet, Lawrence claims he is not done.

A new movie “Sneaks” is finishing up production. It is set to come out in February 2024.

To top it off, we get to see another installment of “Bad Boys.”

At this time the fourth installment does not have a name.

Some of Lawrence’s fellow actors and friends spoke highly of him.

Steve Harvey, Lynn Whitfield, Tichina Arnold and Tracy Morgan were in attendance.

The support and love for Lawrence was real, as stated by Vibe.

During their remarks Morgan, Whitfield, and Harvey expressed spoke from their hearts.

Morgan put is all in perspective,

“In my generation, when you say Martin, you don’t have to say his last name, Everybody knows who you talking about.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Congratulations Martin Lawrence!!!

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