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LisaRaye’s Insightful Interview On R Kelly!!!!

LisaRaye’s Insightful Interview On R Kelly!!!!

LisaRaye’s Insightful Interview On R Kelly. Lisa Raye is Chi Towns finest. Also, Lisa is currently one of the hosts on The Queens podcast.

Lisa’s opinions of Cube & Kelly were eye opening

LisaRaye’s insightful interview on R Kelly. Of course , you and I know Lisa for her provocative as Diamond in the movie “The Players Club.”

And, some may have seen Lisa in music videos with Sisquo, Ludicris,Ginuwine, Lil Jon and Tupac Shakur.

Before Lisa caught the acting bug, so to speak, she was a model. However, the roles which stand out for me the most are her roles on television.

This versatile actor starred alongside Duane Martin in the hit sitcom “All Of Us.” Not to mention, my favorite show of all time with Lisa was “Single Ladies.”

With that said, you can say that Lisa has a really great body of work to her credit. Furthermore, Lisa spoke with hosts O’God and SamAnt it was apparent she is a no nonsense woman.

Lisa has remained friends with Ice Cube & R Kelly

During her interview on Hip Hop Uncensored Podcast Lisa gave her opinions about Ice Cube and R Kelly. It was evident that Lisa had great respect for R Kelly’s music. She went as far as saying that R Kelly is one the greatest musical geniuses of all time.

But Lisa was clear about not condoning anything R Kelly has been allegedly accused of doing. By the same token, Lisa was careful with her words concerning R Kelly’s troubled past.

Likewise, when Lisa was asked about Ice Cube sitting down with former president Trump her answers were well thought out. We found out that Lisa had Ice Cube as a guest on Her podcast “The Queens.” Although, Lisa admitted she was silent for the most part during her conversation on the podcast, as reported by Black Enterprise.

In other words, Lisa spoke highly of Ice Cube. It was clear to me that Lisa admired what Ice Cube was trying to accomplish by having a conversation with Trump.

By the time the interview had concluded Lisa talked about her up and coming projects. Equally important to note, Lisa was very appreciative of being asked to speak on Hip Hop Uncensored. Podcast.

Overall, I was quite impressed with Lisa. Clearly, Lisa was adamant about where she stood with both of her friends.

Nevertheless, Lisa was very gracious and kind with the hosts of Hip Hop Uncensored. In reality, Lisa was appreciative of the opportunity to be on the platform. Ms. Lisa Raye McCoy is a phenomenal actress and lady.

lisa n rkelly

Check out the video above for more details.

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