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Paper Route Releases Young Dolph’s New Video

Paper Route Releases Young Dolph’s New Video

Paper Route Releases Young Dolph’s New Video. The video “Love For The Streets” is out. We get to see Young Dolph’s love for cars.

Young Dolph’s Beloved Hometown, Memphis Is Highlighted

Paper Route Releases Young Dolph’s New Video. We can’t deny that Young Dolph loved Memphis. In this new project, we get to see it.

Unfortunately, Young Dolph was gunned down in November 2021. His untimely death halted his phenomenal career.

However, his legacy lives on. Paper Route dropped the video “Love For The Streets.” You can take a look at it below.

Needless to say, Young Dolph’s love of cars is on display in the new video.

And, It gets better, heartwarming messages from Young Dolph’s are shared.

Here is some of the message, as stated by Vibe,

“Like 2021, bruh, everybody’s life need to change,” he says. “Too much sh*t going on, bruh. We dropping movies, we dropping music, after music, after music… We finna toast to the biggest year — to the biggest decade ever. I love all y’all.”

In a similar fashion, “Paper Route Frank” released a 13-track posthumous project. As was stated by Revolt, the project featured Big Moochie Grape, Key Glock, and SNUPE BANDX.

Also, veteran rappers Gucci Mane and 2Chainz collaborated on some tracks. In this new video Bandplay, Drumma Boy, CEOO, Dun Deal, and Sosa 808 appear.

Better yet, fans get to see visual footage from Dolph’s archives. That’s not enough, Dolph chants,

“Fell in lovе with the streets, fell in love with the streets (Yeah, yeah)/ New AMG (AMG), fours on the feet (Skrrt, skrrt), it’s time to eat, bon appétit, I called a freak (Where you at?)/ Then fell asleep, countin’ G’s (Yeah, yeah), you know how I be/ I could give a damn about a b**ch, man, you know me (B**ch), f**k her for three days, then dump her next week/ Had your b**ch rollin’ blunts in my passenger seat”

It’s evident in those lyrics Young Dolph truly loved Memphis. Not only that, Young Dolph reveals his story. More importantly, Young Dolph gave back to his hometown.

Having said this, Young Dolph’s left a lasting legacy for Memphis.  Young Dolph’s charitable contributions to Memphis included visiting cancer treatment centers.

In a report by PBS, Young Dolph was praised,

“Our associates were deeply touched by his sincerity and effort to extend such gratitude,” the cancer center’s statement said. “During his visit, Dolph explained that he would soon venture to donate turkeys to the Memphis community at a variety of community centers across the city before Thanksgiving — which is yet another testament to his gracious heart.”

That is why, Young Dolph’s death was so tragic. Not only that, I can imagine how proud his family must be.

Great idea, Paper Route to release this new video “Love For The Streets.”

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